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Ava - Escort

Verified Escort


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0411 *** ***

I do not answer private numbers, I prefer text as I'm not always available.


Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Australian

Age: 33

Height: 156cm

Body type: Athletic

Hair colour: Caramel

Eye colour: Hazel


Available by appointment.
-24 hours notice required
-Please contact me for my availability
-Available 7 days
-Available 24 hours
-Flexible hours by appointment
-Pre bookings preferred, but can be available at short notice
Nothing excites me more than a well organised booking. As a touring escort I’m never in the one location for long.
Which means being well prepared and booking in advance will limit any chance of disappointment. I thrive on organisation. Please give me as much notice as possible so I can carefully plan for our date.

Ava xx

Day From Till
Sunday 12:00 PM 8:00 PM
Monday 8:00 AM 10:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM 10:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM 11:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM 11:00 PM

Booking an appointment

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About Ava escort

Blonde, Tattooed Vixen - Australian

Lovers from far and wide,

Stop searching. You’ve stumbled upon what you’ve been looking for.

There’s something that exists in each and every one of us.That thing has led us all to this very moment.It’s the ember in our hearts that has been, so slowly, growing dimmer since we were young.Be careful though, playful souls.At any moment something may fuel this youthful jest and what is manageable, may very quickly become a roaring flame once you are reminded... 

- Heart Embers - 'Author Unknown'

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because after all…. It’s curiosity that drew your attention! I’m Ava, a sexually charged goddess from another universe.

You’ll find I’m a soulful delight that will quench your lustful thirst at long last. I'm passionate, playful… Undeniably intoxicating. Curvaceous, captivating and downright addictive.Know that your experience with me will be one to remember.

Enter my realm of debauchery. I can't wait to meet you!


Australian - Caucasian with third generation European background.

Hair: Long and 100% natural (no extensions- unless requested) Caramel, blonde and sometimes pastel pink.

Eyes: Hazel

Bust: F

Skin: My complexion is tanned. I’m also tattooed. My tattoos are easily covered with the right conservative outfit.

Piercings: Ears and nipple.

Size: 6-8. I train five times a week so my body stays tight and toned. If you’re into bubble butts I’ve got you covered!

Hands and Feet: Perfectly manicured at all times! Size 6. Euro 36-37 depending on shoe/heel.

Height: 5’3

Dress code: Always sexy but sophisticated. Dressing well is a form of good manners.

Lifestyle: I maintain a very healthy life, I’m pescatarian and don’t consume much alcohol. I’m partial to a nice glass of bubbles or wine.

I’m not into dairy so please, if bringing sweets keep this in mind. I will make an exception for Koko Black.

Travel: I’m a full time touring companion. I have filled two passports. I’m always ready and willing to accompany you on your business trips, holidays or plan our vacation. Notice is required.

If I haven’t been able to convince you enough, here are some words from my lovers.

Direct from my reviews:

“If Ava was one of those Black Widow spiders that kill and eat the male after they have sex, I still wouldn't be able to keep myself away. She's simply incredible - providing an experience so sensual and personal, never to be forgotten.”

“The Ava Addiction! Addictions have never been so healthy!”

“Experience a sexual energy like no other. Indulge and spoil yourself with this pure sexual temptress. Explore your naughtiest thoughts through to your wildest dreams!”

"Ava is the full package! A beautiful soul with an unpretentious attitude. A fun and vibrant personality!”

With love

Ava Xx

Client types

Males, Females, Couples, People with a disability, Travel Companion, Social Dates, Fly me to you FMTY

Ava landscape

Additional Information

Making a booking with Ava template:

Hi Ava,

My name is;
I seen your ad on Dakota Dice and I'm hoping to spend some time with you.
The date I have in mind is;
Alternative date if you are not available;
Length of service;
Thank you for your time, I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Please note that I do not offer refunds - credit will be allocated towards our next date. Credit is valid for 6 months. Terms and conditions will apply.


Rates information

Please note that my rates come in three tiers. GFE, PSE and Ultra PSE. Please select which service suits your desires best.

I enjoy quality time with you, longer bookings are encouraged, the extra time spent with each other provides a more personal and intimate experience. This gives us an opportunity to explore each other, get lost in each other and completely surrender to one another.

My most popular and favourite booking is a 90 minute PSE bookibf. My other personal favourite is my over indulgent overnight package.

For bookings of three hours or longer. I will provide champagne or a nice bottle of wine (upon request) paired with a fresh fruit platter for us to indulge in.

I can't wait for our paths to align. 

Please read ahead for a detailed overview of my packages. 

The Ava Addiction..
Virtual Dates.. If you have been longing to meet me but can’t due to the New World, you live in another state, you’re an overseas lover or... You’re simply curious to know if our time together will be on the same frequency. I have now created a gateway to me - The Digital Way.. A virtual date experience which leaves you craving and wanting more..

Careful.. The Ava Addiction is a real thing..
My new packages are tailored to suit your needs. Whether its a short or longer encounter, I’ve got you.. xx

Options include..
Video chat - WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype
Custom made clips - you set the scene
Sexy phone calls
SMS packages
Items for sale
Join my OnlyFans for all of my exclusive content


The Girl Next Door.
Dive deep into most sensual girlfriend experience ever. Explore the miracles with a tinge of sweet vanilla. Softness and intimacy has never felt so extraordinarily sensual… every moment spent with me will become a treasured memory. A Pandora’s box of sheer delight that you cannot wait to open again and again…and again.


The Temptress.
In a word, electrifying.
Allow your senses to be swept up in my natural state of pure, uninhibited passion. Forget the world and experience a delicious wildness. Open yourself to an intense and unforgettable vortex of pleasure. You must experience me PSE for yourself to believe such a woman exists. Beware. Ava Addiction is unavoidable.


Aphrodite’s Playground.
(Ultra PSE)
For those explorers seeking pure, unadulterated lust. You are hungry for carnal adventure. You have been searching for a woman who can satiate your deepest hungers. Let me be the one to meet your desires. Fetish, kink and role play, facilitated by an insatiable goddess. Limited only by your imagination. Completely and utterly unforgettable.


Ambrosial Delights.
(Lunch and Dinner Dates.)
What pleasures go together better than seductive company, delicious food and indulging on each other?
My delightful company is offered in the form of long lunch or dinner for a natural and intimate date. Get to know each other both in and out of the sheets for a beautiful, connected experience.
Both 4 and 6 hour packages are available. Match with your taste in sexual liaison.


All Day With Ava:
A decadent day spent with me by your side for 12 hours! Spend the entire day getting up to no good, or ticking something off that bucket list.
Have breakfast in a hot air balloon, jump out of a plane, swim with sharks, all with the most exquisite company by your side.. Perhaps you’re only in town for one day and need the perfect tour guide?
I’ve got you covered, let the fun begin!
This package must include at least 4 hours of purely social time. Curfew is midnight and sleepovers are not inclusive.


(Ava’s Overnights.)
Imagine waking up with an unbelievable beauty nestled against you, memories of the previous night’s passions fresh in your mind. Imagine being able to breathe me in one more time before making your way into the world again, your feet barely touching the ground with the sheer delight of it. Happiness is a night spent with me. Treat yourself to the most wonderful gift. You will never forget it.


Escape With Ava.
(Weekends Away.)
You work hard. You deserve the holiday of your dreams, with the woman to match!
Or, are you travelling for business and long for a beautiful sweetheart to return to after a long day?
I provide extended engagements, personalised exclusively for you. I’m a glorious, fun-loving companion and I would love to be by your side to help create your most joyous memories yet!

- Travel may be added to rate.
Please enquire with your requests.

If our play time is with another WL I have an additional fee of $100 for all doubles per hour.
Please note I prefer working with my close girlfriends. Planning in advance is highly recommend.


Important things to know....
- I do not take last minute bookings.
- All play dates require a deposit.
- Deposits confirm our time together. Without a deposit the booking time will not be held.
- In the event of a cancellation/rescheduled booking, the deposit is non refundable (unless I cancel). The deposit will be put towards a future booking as credit.

* I do not answer private numbers. I prefer text as I'm not always available to take your call. This provides an avenue for me to respond to you as soon as I'm available.

*International rates upon request.

Ava escort rates


Session Cost Description
90 mins $2000 PSE - Specialty - Favourite type of booking.
4 hours $3500 GFE Dinner date. Time split evenly. PSE $4000. Ultra PSE $4500 - Favourite type of booking.
Overnight Delight $6000 GFE Ava addiction ~ 12hrs PSE $7000. Ultra PSE $8500 - Favourite type of booking.
30 mins $650 GFE. PSE $850
45 mins $750 GFE. PSE $950
1 hour $850 GFE. PSE $1100
2 hours $1600 GFE. PSE $2100
3 hours $2450 GFE. PSE $3000
4 hours $3300 GFE. PSE $4000
6 hours $4000 GFE Dinner date. Time split evenly. PSE $4750. Ultra PSE $5500 Favourite type of booking.
5 hours $5000 Interstate by invitation (plus airfares). GFE. PSE $6000. Ultra PSE $7000 Favourite type of booking.
Weekend Escape $11000 Ava addiction GFE. PSE $13000. Ultra PSE $15000
30 mins $1100 Ultra PSE
45 mins $1200 Ultra PSE
1 hour $1300 Ultra PSE
90 mins $2300 Ultra PSE
2 hours $2500 Ultra PSE
3 hours $3800 Ultra PSE
4 hours $5000 Ultra PSE
90 mins $2800 PSE Couples. Ultra PSE $3000
2 hours $3200 PSE Couples. Ultra PSE $3400
3 hours $4100 PSE Couples. Ultra PSE $4300
Couples hrs extended PSE $1000. Ultra PSE $1500
1 hour $400 Digital Date - Video call, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Skype. You're welcome to extend.


Session Cost Description
All Day Date ~ 12hrs $5500 GFE No sleepover. 4 hours social time. PSE $6500. Ultra PSE $8000 Favourite type of booking.
4 hours $4500 PSE Couples Dinner Date. Time split evenly. Ultra PSE $4800 Favourite type of booking.
6 hours $5000 PSE Couples Dinner Date. Ultra PSE $5300 Favourite type of booking.
3 hours $1500 Social Date, please enquire for whats included
90 mins $2100 PSE - Specialty - Favourite Type of booking
1 hour $1000 GFE. PSE $1200
2 hours $1700 GFE. PSE $2200
3 hours $2500 GFE. PSE $3100
4 hours $3400 GFE. PSE $4000
Additional hours $600 GFE. PSE additional $800 per hour after 4 hours
1 hour $1400 Ultra PSE
90 mins $2400 Ultra PSE
2 hours $2600 Ultra PSE
3 hours $3900 Ultra PSE
4 hours $5100 Ultra PSE
90 mins $2900 Couples PSE. Ultra PSE $3100
2 hours $3300 Couples PSE. Ultra PSE $3500
3 hours $4200 Couples PSE. Ultra PSE $4400
Additional hours $1000 PSE. Ultra PSE $1500 each additional hour

Please note my outcall rates are inclusive of a call out fee to cover travel costs and time. 

Please contact Ava - Escort | Australian Escort directly to book an appointment.

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