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Bella Noirette Lumière - Escort


Location: Brisbane

A reservation request form is on the website for initial contact. I will respond via email. Upon passing my screening I will chat briefly via Telegram. Upon receiving your deposit I will provide my contact number.


Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Australian

Age: 41

Height: 170cm

Body type: Curvy

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Hazel


Bella Noirette Lumière has not made their availability public.

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About Bella Noirette Lumière escort

LUMIÈRE NOIRE ~ Integrate the Light & Dark within

Your imperfections are marks of authenticity, and that is the beauty of you” Isaac Fowler

Anyone can pretend and put on a show. It takes courage to learn how to be ourselves and present this to the world. Nobody else can be in this role; it is unique and designed for us individually, yet simultaneously and interconnectedly serves our collective. I will not waste both of our time selling you like a cliché. I AM not interested in pretending. My sense of self and sexuality in light and dark are so strong people are enthralled or intimidated by my presence. I have learnt to humbly accept this and not react to people with noxious intentions, wishing them well anyway. I do not pretend to be something else to appease comfort zones. I see past facades; I see straight into your soul. I AM a Brisbane-based Escort with expertise in Sexual and Spiritual Healing. I AM a Light Worker and a Shadow Healer. These are some of my karmically inherited gifts.

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back, because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” Mark Anthony

My name is Bella Noirette Lumière. I AM a powerful presence and energy. I AM kind and openhearted with an empathetic approach to life and all living beings, I listen intently and care deeply about your wants and needs. I AM a creative & passionate soul who conjures through my wild sexual energy and erotic sensual nature at will. Wild liberated women should never be tamed nor have our free spirits curtailed. I create through my heart space. Yes, it is fierce and strong yet gentle and delicate. With dualism as my guide in many gracious forms, I AM learning how to balance neutrality and feel comfortable sharing my vulnerability with the world. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. It took me 40 years to surrender to this truth. My egohead and inner child kicked and screamed along the way.

Yin/Yang, Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine, Light/Dark, Shakti/Shiva, Dualism/Nondualism/Ardhanarishvara

I have been on a journey of spiritual awakening. Combining spirituality, my sexuality has evolved and expanded to a space of Sexual & Spiritual Healing; Sacred Healing. I have had to learn how to harness such potent energy, it is healing energy after all. Genuine exchange and intimate connections are important to me. I love sharing ourselves. There is something quite enchanting about connecting with somebody we have never met, yet the instant magnetic pull towards each other feels deeply familiar. Because we already know. A sense of time momentarily gifted, creating space for our energies to collide and remember.

Hello, again Kindred Spirit. I AM grateful to reconnect with you on this physical plane. That is what it is about; interdependence, interconnectedness and belonging. Something we all deserve to feel. We are all meant to know more, feel more, live more and LOVE more. We all have the potential to expand our awareness, connecting with Source, with our I AM. Sexual/Sensual energy is potent, creative, electrifying, healing and life-affirming. The entry is our body and sexual energy is the flow that transcends the physical to the spiritual. We are beings having a human experience. May our energies meet in this space and merge as one for us to explore its healing potential. Standing at 170cm I AM considered average height. I AM a natural beauty & hairy. My figure is a natural womanly, curvy, petite and athletic size 8/10 frame with natural 10C/D breasts; my imagery reflects such weight fluctuation. I walk, hike and practice yoga. I have a thin waist complimenting my natural heart-shaped ASSet, hypnotic hazel eyes, impeccable natural bone structure and skin, with luscious natural yummy lips made for all kinds of things. At 41, I AM ageing well, loving and caring for myself from the inside out.

Current measurements: Bust 34″ Waist 26″ Hips 36″.

With a splish of hippy and a splash of elegance yet a 90’s chick at heart, I AM just a down-to-earth Woman from Down Under who lives to love and loves to live within the constant realms of Divine Grace, creative flux, and expanding consciousness. I AM a dag and a nerd, I choose comfort over the pretentious yet enjoy some fancy. I grew up around money so know how to hold myself, but I AM also a rebel and enjoy using my middle finger. I gave up the fast pace materialistic consumerism city lifestyle years ago. I still appreciate the finer things in life but am no longer driven by the attachment of anything material being remotely close to my worth or making me happy because it has the opposite effect anyway. My spiritual journey has taught and enabled a level of non-attachment to the material world, yet I still know how to appreciate and enjoy it. I have learnt how to manifest the material with gratitude and clear intent along the way. I live a very simple life. There's peace in the awareness. I have a profound story, and it's now time to share it with the world.

Based 8km from Brisbane City, 8km from Brisbane Airport & 4km from Fortitude Valley, I AM blessed with a beautiful penthouse bathed in an intimate ambience of warmth and love with gorgeous 12-foot ceilings that provide a sense of spacious openness rarely experienced in a secure Brisbane apartment. Proximity to trains, buses, link tunnels and bypasses. I AM mindful, respectful, private and discrete therefore request you are too. Parking is available for short-term and long-term rendezvous.

I choose a low-volume approach and consciously prefer exclusive ongoing arrangements.

I do not offer Fetish bookings to new clients

I do not offer BDSM or Fantasy Porn bookings at all. Please do not ask, I will not reply.

I do not offer bookings to party boys on party drugs and I do not party. 

I have a screening & etiquette process not up for negotiation. 

I am selective about who I spend time with.

Please take the time to read over my website for more information

Client types

I do not discriminate but there are certain services I do not offer especially to new clientele. If I do not feel we are a good fit, I will be honest rather than just pretend and take your money. I also welcome unvaccinated so please be mindful if you have a fearful, judgemental and discreminating attitude towards those who have chosen not to be vaxxed (I am double vaxxed). I DO NOT offer BDSM, Fantasy PornStar and do not see couples into the Swinger Vibe or couples requesting short notice bookings in an altered state. I will not see anyone in a heavily altered state.

Bella Noirette Lumière landscape

Additional Information

Please visit my website for a very comprehensive, open and honest expression of who I AM; how I have evolved and expanded to find my calling in life as a Vessel for the Divine and our collective consciousness 

With Gratitude,


Bella Noirette Lumière


Bella Noirette Lumière escort rates


Session Cost Description
1.5 $1222 new clients minimum see website for full rates lists and services

Firstly, let it be said my pricing is by no means a reflection of my value or worth. How I have invested in myself on all levels far exceeds any price tag I could ever request. My pricing does reflect an amount you are prepared to invest in yourself.

I do have an ethical code I live by, so whilst I will never abuse or take advantage of my gifts to manipulate, it is easy to instinctively identify what you want and need to meet you there without compromising either one of us. 

Testimonials are available on my website and the only place I permit them

Pricing reflects my connection with Numerology. I haven't listed all my pricing here. Please visit the website for full rates and services 

I choose a low-volume approach and consciously prefer exclusive ongoing arrangements.

New connections are available from 1.5 hours onwards. 1-hour appointments will be available for return lovers with a VIP Gratitude Gesture. Ask me in person. 

My rates are reintroduction pricing, incrementally increasing.  

Preference & priority are given to exclusive lovers, return lovers and longer bookings. It is my choice with who I graciously share my energy, body, mind, spirit, heart, soul, space and time.

Screening and deposits are essential. See the website for more information 

FMTY is available, please visit the website 

Please note all deposits and payments are non-refundable. However, if 48 hours notice is provided you may reschedule once. In the unlikely event I must cancel, it is your choice if the deposit is refunded in full, or rescheduling occurs for another time see website

Brisbane-based and also available for exclusive booking requests on Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Tweed Heads and Byron Bay *Travel Fee* see website 

Exclusive ongoing arrangements at our discretion may be available. Please speak with me in person if you are interested. 

My preferences are longer bookings and pricing reflects such.

I do offer VIP Gratitude Gestures so be sure to ask me about these when we meet.

All pricing is in AUD currency only and GST inclusive. 

By appointment only 

A SEXUAL HEALTH CHECK IS NON-NEGOTIABLE - see Screening & Etiquette on my website for more information.

Please contact Bella Noirette Lumière - Escort | Brisbane directly to book an appointment.

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