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Jada Sui Generis - Escort

Verified Escort


Location: Brisbane

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0416 *** ***

SMS or emails only


Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Eurasian

Height: 160cm

Body type: Curvy

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Brown


Available for pre-booking with a completed deposit only

Day From Till
Sunday 10:00 AM 12:00 AM
Monday 10:00 AM 12:00 AM
Tuesday 10:00 AM 12:00 AM
Wednesday 10:00 AM 12:00 AM
Thursday 10:00 AM 12:00 AM
Friday 10:00 AM 12:00 AM
Saturday 10:00 AM 12:00 AM

Booking an appointment

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About Jada Sui Generis escort

The Ultimate Pleasure Machine

Quietly Confident.

Striking & Fierce

Elegantly Slutty.

Humble & Kind.


Twitter; @JadaSuiGenerisInsta: ms_jada_bellis


Welcome All!

Thank you for visiting my domain which is based in Brisbane CBD unless on tour. 

I am Jada, a new temptress for you to taste. Let me quench your desire. I have a thirst for you

I originally only slightly dipped my toe into this industry, not sure if it was for me. Now I know I was made for this. I am here 100%  I love it. I love that sensual heat. That feeling of lust, longing and anticipation of that new encounter. It’s such a rush! What will happen, how will you touch me, feel me, want me? How can I touch you, feel you…yes; I Want You 

I like to think of myself as a rare hybrid. Being Eurasian, I have the best of three different beautiful cultures. Japanese/French/Australian. The exotic beauty from the Orient, the elegance of the French and the down to earth free spirit of an Aussie.

I am comfortable in my creamy Eurasian skin. So soft. So Silky. Long jet black hair. I love to run its silkiness on your skin. My scent all around you. Juicy cherry lips that love to tease and taste like a bee, gently but urgently extracting your nectar. Big ass titties that love being licked, rubbed and sucked. Can I have some more please? More please…More…Just the thought of this makes me ache

Perhaps you would like to stretch things out further? Become a little more intimate, connect with me, not only physically but mentally. This is such a powerful connection, the sex can only become a more carnal intense pleasure. Use me; I am yours.

With an eclectic heart, I like to keep a spiritual philosophy. I love to explore, I love learning, I love trying new things. A bit of a foodie. A lover of music festivals, shredding snow fields, aesthetics and philosophy. If you want to try it, I want to try it with you.

I cant wait to meet you, feel you, taste you…


NOTE: Due to COVID a few things have changed to be in the legal limits of this profession. A deposit or references will ALWAYS be required for ALL bookings.

Please check me out on Twitter for up to date selfies.

Twitter handle: @JadaSuiGeneris

Instagram: ms_jada_bellus


Please make sure you read my rates and conditions under ‘Services - Additional Information' to avoid misunderstandings.

Based in Brisbane CBD

Client types

Anyone that is respectful

Jada Sui Generis landscape

Additional Information


Based in Brisbane Unless I am touring. Please check tour dates for other states.

All bookings require a deposit For new and old friends. No exceptions. Ever!

Short bookings are fun and fabulous, however for the true Jada experience, longer bookings are encouraged! Lets explore each other and F*K like bunnies.

GFE = the base rate for an hr of play.
PSE = $100 extra on top of GFE rate each hr. EG: 1hr GFE = $600 1hr PSE = $700
PSEx = $200 extra on top of GFE rate per hr. EG: 1hr GFE = $600. 1hr PSE = $700. 1hr PSEx= $800

All Out-Calls (including 'Dinner Dates'): require return Uber Fee

Let's take some time to get our grub on. Enjoy some unrushed, refreshing company and add a more deeply connected sexual chemistry.
Breakfast & Sex. Best way to start the day.
Sneak out for a lunch of debauchery; Or
A steamy evening rendezvous.

Just for you! Your own toy doll to play and indulge with.
Make a minimum of a three hr GFE booking or 4hr Dinner Date (+airfare, return UBER and acommodation) and I will fly to you.
Additional costs for PSE & PSEx

SULTRY SLEEPOVER: How would you like to spend the night?
Do you like long, steamy sessions, just playing and teasing, perhaps some hardcore WAP.
Or shall we start with some much needed fuel for later in the form of a meal, move onto some flirty drinks and head home for some sweet sweet dessert. Lets indulge ourselves all night in each other. I want to know what pleases you.
(12-16hrs. 6 - 8hrs of beauty sleep required)

For the true connoisseur of pleasure.
What are your dreams made of? Tell me what you want. Tell me what you need.
Your own personal F*K toy.
The ultimate indulgence.
(48 hrs. With 6-8hrs of beauty sleep each night)

Feeling adventurous? There is something so licentious about a threesome. The thought of multiple hands and mouths exploring, caressing, seeking each others pleasure points makes my body tingle in anticipation. Have you ever seen the TV show 'Sens8?' Lets Sens8...
Does your man want to be the focus of attention? Worshipped by his goddess and her maiden? For the ladies who would prefer less girl on girl action.
Can we have a little of everyone please? Do both of you want be worshipped? Are you bi, bi-curious? This is for the explorative soul. The true pleasure chain. For the ladies that love a bit of lesbian love.
(Out-call to a hotel only in Brisbane BNE.
If I am on tour In-calls are also available)

Take me anywhere, the choice is yours. Dinner, Lunch, Brekky, the movies, rollerblading, sky diving, bungee jumping, snowboarding, your penthouse ;) name the adventure, I will give it a go!
(Fully Clothed in Public. Up to Lingerie in private. No Sex. Min 2hr booking).


Require a deposit of 15-20% Preferably Via the ‘Beemit’ app
Deposits are taken for both of our safety and insurance and are required for all people. Newcomers and old friends.
Please keep in mind that my main concern is everyones safety. For us to be able to relax and really enjoy ourselves we BOTH must feel comfy & safe to be the maximum pleasure toy.

15-20% of booking fee + return Uber if your not in the general BNE CBD area.
Also require proof of where we are to meet. How you provide this can be discussed.

If you cannot provide a deposit then you will need three references from three known ladies you have previously seen to verify you are legitimate.

'MUST' be cleared before appointment, regardless of payment method.
Preferred deposit method is via the 'Beemit' app

Alternative methods:

Bank Transfer;

Auto teller;

Prezzee eGift Card

Cancellations require 48hr notice for a full refund, otherwise the full deposit may be forfeited (at Jada's discretion).

A minimum of 24hrs notice:
You may reschedule once, otherwise full deposit will be forfeited if re-scheduled date is cancelled.

If given a minimum of 24hrs notice you will receive back 50% deposit.

Refunds without the 24hrs notice will be forfeited unless under extreme circumstances and will be assessed on a case by case basis at the discretion of Jada.

For last minute bookings: all cancellations will forfeit any refund; or at the discretion of Jada.

If by chance, when you meet Jada and you would no longer like to go though with the booking, your deposit will be returned (within the first 5mins of meeting).

*By paying a deposit you accept deposit & cancellation policies*

I am a touring international #FlyMe To You Companion. All tour dates are not set in stone due to being whisked away for an exclusive 'FlyMeToYou'.
However, rest assured that ALL pre-bookings that have PAID deposits will be honoured first and foremost!
Pre-bookings and deposits are highly appreciated and respected. They will always be honoured and respected as such.

For Selfies Follow Jada on
Twitter: @jadabellus
Instagram" ms_jada_bellus

Jada Sui Generis escort rates


Session Cost Description
1HR $550 GFE
1HR $650 PSE
1HR $750 PSEx
2HRS $1050 GFE (Extra for PSE & PSEx) See notes below
3HRS $1500 GFE (Extra for PSE & PSEx) See notes below
4HRS $1900 GFE (Extra for PSE & PSEx) See notes below
5HRS $2250 GFE (Extra for PSE & PSEx) See notes below
2HRS $850 GFE Play Date: Snack & Play (1hr Date & 1hr Play)(Extra for PSE & PSEx) See notes below
4HRS $1550 GFE Play Date: Drinks & Play (2hrs Date & 2hrs Play) (Extra for PSE & PSEx) See notes below
6HRS $2400 GFE Play Date: Gnom Gnoms & Play (2hrs Date & 4hrs Play) (Extra for PSE & PSEx) See notes below
24hrs $5000 PSE Sultry Sleepover - End with a breakfast for champions (PSEx = Extra $500)
48HRS $8000 PSE Wicked Weekend - Lusty Long Sessions (PSEx = Extra $1000)
3 - 4HRs $1500 Fly Me To You (+Airfare, Accomadation & Return Uber) GFE 3hrs Play or 4hr Dinner & Play (Extra for PSE & PSEx)See notes below
2HRS $500 + Return Uber Fe Social Sessions - Wanna Grab a drink, cuddle watching Netflix, hit the beach, have some lunch?
12hrs $3500 Choose your own adventure


Session Cost Description
1HR $600 +Return Uber Fee GFE
1HR $700 +Return Uber Fee PSE
1HR $800 +Return Uber Fee PSEx
2HRS $1050+Return Uber Fee = GFE Extra For PSE & PSEx (See notes below)
3HRS $1500+Return Uber Fee = GFE. Extra for PSE & PSEx (See notes below)
4HRS $1900+Return Uber Fee = GFE Extra For PSE & PSEx (See notes below)
5HRS $2250+Return Uber Fee = GFE Extra For PSE & PSEx (See notes below)
1HR $900+Return Uber Fee Couples - Male Worship
1HR $1000+Return Uber Fee Couples - Sens8
1HR $1100+Return Uber Fee Threesome: 2 Men & a Jada
1-6HRS Play Dates (See In-Call Rates)
24hrs $5000 PSE Sultry Sleepover (Extra $500 for PSEx)
48HRS $8000 PSE Wicked Weekend (Extra $500 for PSEx)
3-4HRS $1500 Fly Me To You + Airfare, Accomodation & Return Uber = GFE 3hrs Play or 4hr Dinner date (Extra for PSE & PSEx)See notes below
2hrs $500 +Return Uber Fee Social Sessions - Wanna Grab a drink, cuddle watching Netflix, hit the beach, have some lunch?
12HRS $3500 Choose your own adventure

Please contact Jada Sui Generis - Escort | Brisbane Escort directly to book an appointment.

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