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J'adore - Escort

Verified Escort


Location: Melbourne

Note: I choose only those who demonstrate Courtesy and Respect therefore a text displaying 'hey' ‘are you available’ etc is simply bad manners to be ignored


Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Australian

Age: 47

Height: 173cm

Body type: Curvy

Hair colour: Brunette

Eye colour: Blue


Last Minute Enquires are welcome and Sometimes available however pre bookings are Essential with 20% deposit via the secured Beemit app to Safeguard our Time

available Between 5-9 pm daily

happy to Accommodate 5 Star Hotel stays with 55 dollars outcall fee
Alternatively in-call Practice set up located minutes from the CBD

Day From Till
Sunday 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
Monday 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
Tuesday 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
Wednesday 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
Thursday 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
Friday 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
Saturday 5:00 PM 9:00 PM

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About J'adore escort

THE ART OF SENSUAL MASSAGE Art Art Art without it we lose our Soul to Constant Cerebral Masturbation See..Feel..Understand..Contemplate..Let it land..Think..That.. is the proper order of things Not the other way around

je suis J'adore.. I am I Love



most of the Existence is Dark Artwe are Art every Curve every Line every Flourish

UniquelyExpressed DivinelyDesigned

the Deeper we go into Sensual Massagethe deeper we go into 'Art'the art of Touchthe art of Communicationthe art of Intentionthe art of Presencethe art of Awarenessthe art of Consciousness the art of Connection the art of Intimacythe art of Vulnerabilitythe art of Powerthe art of Lovethe art of the Heartthe art of the Bodythe art of Pleasure

art Transcends art Transformsart Healsart Expandsart Connectsart Opens

art is constantly Alive and Growingart connects us to a Moment that is Timeless it Connects us to Ourselvesto Deeper and Higher parts of ourselves


the art of Sensual Massage is to Expandto take us to Deeper to deeper spaces of Pleasure we need to go deeper into Ourselvesto the place the Artist Resides

this connects us to something more the place of Love of Inspirationof Intuitionfor every Massage Experience regardless of the context is an act of Love


the art begins Connecting with your Breath connecting your Sexuality to your Heart Opening your heart to Fill with the Creation of Sensuality to Breathe in in-Spire Inspiration


allowing your Hands to Paint the Picture of your Heart on the Body Telling a StoryWriting a PoemPainting a PictureCreating a SculptureTraveling a Journeythis Touch is the Vehiclethis Body the CanvassConnection is the Possibility

this art is Simply a field of Possibilities in Body in Touchin Heartin Energyin Pleasure in Creation a field of Limitless possibility


when we step into the Exciting world of Sensual Massage we step into this space where every Massage becomes an Adventure an Exploration in Sensation in Breaththe Speedthe Pressureof Mixingof Blendingand Changingand Expanding the act of Creation

the Massage you Receive will be your Teacher Opening up who you are much you’re willing to give Yourself ...where Within you’re willing to go ...the Space you can hold ...where your Heart is ...where your Ego is ...where your Soul is ...where are you Coming from Present you are ...

and how over time does the Expression in this art of Sensual Massage change ExpandGrow and how does it Change you ...

for this is one of the Truest Expressions of art its Creation Changes us in every Massage Experience offers us that possibility



I love that so much ComesTogether to be Expressed in one spacein one Ritual with such a Range of Possibilities that so many Aspects of ourselves in the Giving Receiving can be Present

the word Massage is sometimes nowhere enough to describe the Experience "its what we have'it has always been important to me to Create and Share the most Beautiful Massage Therapies to keep Expanding the Understanding of our Bodies through Energy Touch PleasureHealing in this I’ve learned that it truly is a LimitlessExpression of SacredSensuality


the Tantric Journey; Studied at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

Client types

Male / Female

J'adore landscape

Services offered by J'adore escort

  • Massage
  • Tantra
  • Tie and Tease

Contact J'adore to organise a time to share an experience via:

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Additional Information

90 mins No Full Service Tantric Massage through Integrative Energy into MindBodySoul Tribute 550

Non Refundable Deposit.. be Mindful for First Time clients Deposit and Screening is required


when making an Enquiry use the Courtesy of Introducing yourself with:
Name ...
Age Range ...
Professional Field ...

along with preferred
Date ...
Timeframe ... 

J'adore escort rates


Session Cost Description
90 $550 Tantric Massage

Last Minute Enquires are welcome and Sometimes available however pre bookings are Essential with 20% deposit via the secured Beemit app to Safeguard our Time


available Between 5-9 pm daily

Please contact J'adore - Escort | Melbourne Escort directly to book an appointment.

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