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Sam Corr - Escort

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Location: Sydney

Email: [email protected]

Phone: *** ***

I find that email is the easiest and most consistent form of correspondence, and allows us to go into more detail than via text. However, I am also very happy to schedule a phone call with you at a time that suits to discuss any details!


Gender: Male

Height: 185cm

Body type: Athletic

Hair colour: Brunette

Eye colour: Blue


Sam Corr has not made their availability public.

email  or  *** ***

About Sam Corr escort

Thanks for your visit! I’m Sam, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Let’s start with you - there are many different paths that could have led you to me. I’m here to make sure that no matter where you’re coming from, or where you want to go, your needs are catered to with care, respect, and excitement!

I fully appreciate that engaging the services of a professional male companion might feel overwhelming or intimidating. If this is the case, you’re not alone! Let me reassure you that I am here to help you decide what’s right for you in a safe and judgement-free space.

If you’re unsure exactly what you’re looking for, we can spend some time getting to know one another. Send me an email and I’ll respond to you directly. We can also chat on the phone or meet up for coffee so you can get a better feel for me and whether you’d like to proceed further. Alternatively, if you know what you’re looking for, please reach out and let me know how I can best make that happen for you.

As for me, I’m naturally empathetic and down-to-earth with a flair for the creative and a deep curiosity for life and everything it has to offer. I am open-minded and have a relaxed, warm disposition with a hint of cheekiness and a playful demeanour. Brought up every bit a gentleman, I am considerate and respectful with a vulnerability that nurtures genuine deep connection and sincere intimacy. I love to discover new places, people, and things. Although somewhat of an old soul, I’m in my mid-30’s, and I have deep blue eyes and am 6’1 (185cm) tall.

I have explored many things throughout my life. I have been a carpenter, a fireman, a corporate professional, a medic, model, musician, pilot, public speaker, athlete, stunt performer… and everything in between! I have loved aspects of all these careers (especially when working with my hands...) and I continue to love challenging myself with new things. I thoroughly believe that if you’re no longer learning, you’re no longer living!

I am well-educated, well-travelled, and have an affinity for great music and better wine. I spend my free time playing piano and guitar, catching up with friends or finding new hiking trails and rock climbing spots. I adore quality culinary experiences, and although I’m not overly enthusiastic about seafood, I’m open to practically anything else!

How to proceed from here? Reach out to me via email and we can discuss your needs and what’s possible together. I’d also encourage you to read some of my testimonials below or visit my website to get a sense of what an experience with me could be like.

I operate always with utmost discretion and professionalism. My duty is to both our anonymity and your privacy will always be respected.

I'd love for you to reach out - let's chat and explore what brought you here?

Thoroughly looking forward to hearing from you,

Sam x


My website:



I strive to provide an authentic and genuine companionship experience, as such my services will always be tailored to you, personally.

We will discuss exactly what you’re looking for, creating the most ideal plan together. At this point, I can absolutely help guide you on any details or anything you’re unsure about.

This way, every experience with me is unique and specific to you, driven by organic and genuine connection in the moment.

Reach out to me via email or on my website if you’d like to discuss a potential date!


FAQ’s --->

How long should I book for?

- This is different for everyone, and completely depends on your preferences and circumstances. We can essentially meet for anywhere from 2 hours to multiple days at a time, for example for business trips or holidays. If it's our first time meeting, I recommend spending at least four hours together so we can really connect.

Are your services exclusively sexual?

- Not at all, as a professional escort I am engaged for a wide variety of reasons, a lot of them for companionship or social engagements. Anywhere you might want a partner with you, or anything you’d like to share with someone, I can accompany you.

Do you do overnights?

- Overnight stays are very popular, yes! There’s nothing more satisfying than sleeping in with warm cuddles.

Do you travel?

- Absolutely! Whilst I do not go on tour, I am available for private travel arrangements. I can either travel to you, or even accompany you on a trip together.

Why don’t you have set timings or packages?

- I much prefer to have the flexibility to cater to any situation or desire. We can arrange to spend any length of time together that suits your needs, and I can also make suggestions based on what might work best for your wishes.

Why don’t you show your face online?

- Primarily, I choose not to reveal my face so that you can be completely at ease when in my company in public. Privacy and discretion are at the heart of what I do, and for the same reasons, you will not find me on social media of any kind.

Why don’t you have a phone number listed?

- I find that email is the easiest and most consistent form of correspondence, and allows us to go into more detail than via text. However, I am also very happy to schedule a phone call with you at a time that suits to discuss any details regarding our plans together.


How it works from here:

1. Start by sending me an email or a message via the contact form on my website. You will always get a prompt reply directly from me, and only me. Tell me a little about yourself, what you're looking for, and any questions you have. From there, we’ll discuss your needs in detail and create the best plan to move forward with together.

2. Once we've settled on the details, a minimum 25% deposit is required to confirm our date, although you may wish to settle the full amount so that we can just focus on each other on the day without distraction.

3. Please note that all payments are non-refundable, so it is important you are sure of all details prior to booking. I’m happy to accommodate any necessary alterations to the date and time up to 72hrs prior to our meeting. However, as the vast majority of bookings are made well in advance, any postponements within 3 days of our meeting will unfortunately forfeit the deposit.

4. Payments are most commonly made via bank transfer prior to meeting, or cash on arrival to settle any remainder after the deposit.

5. I will be available to you at all times to discuss any questions or requests leading up to our date, so please do not hesitate to reach out at any time! I’ll confirm everything with you again shortly before we meet, and from there there’s nothing left to do but enjoy each other’s company…

Only thing left to do is say hi!

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Services offered by Sam Corr escort

Sorry, Sam Corr hasn't confirmed any offered experiences.

To check what they're offering please contact them directly.

email  or  *** ***

Sam Corr escort rates


Session Cost Description
2 hours + $750 p/h Minimum 2 hour meeting
4 hours + $650 p/h For meeting 4 hours and above
12 hours + $450 p/h For meeting 12 hours and above
24 hours + $~~ For meetings over 24 hours, please contact and we can discuss rates specific to your needs

Please contact Sam Corr - Escort | Sydney Escort directly to book an appointment.

email  or  *** ***

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