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Escort Reviews in Melbourne

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Holly Harper

I spent a horrible wet morning with the wonderful Holly. Booking was easy and straightforward and when I got there, WOW!!!

If tall leggy blondes with incredible bodies is your thing, look her up. Holly is fun, easy going and great to spend time with.

I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

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Isla Fae

when I met the lovely Isla, she gently took my hand and escorted me to paradise, where we savoured the pleasures of paradise. She then elevated me to heaven where I have been ever since with the memories of our unforgettable encounter.

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Honey Adams

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Honey and what a Goddess she is, but even more this women has a big heart full of love, upon our meeting i instantly felt at ease i had such an amazing time!

Till we meet again lovely Duncan. Xo

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Olivia Winsome

Let me begin this review with a quote from Halfdan the Black from Vikings “For me.... I just want to live. I want to feel every moment of my life as long as it lasts.”

For so many of us we sleep walk through life. We get caught up in the mundane. We forget what’s important, that life isn’t about the possessions we own but it’s about our experiences. It’s not about owning the latest iPhone but it’s about the hearing the laughter of a child. It’s not about owning designer clothes but it’s about seeing a beautiful sunset in a foreign land. It’s not about owning a new car but It’s about spending time with a companion like Olivia and remembering that in a world full of first world problems what it’s like to truely live.

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Mxstress Mercy

Mercy was perfect from start to finish, respecting my boundaries, being both nurturing and Firm!

Completely LGBTQIA+SB and Neurodivergent friendly!

I thought I survived the encounter with this Seductive Fae but alas I feel I have not!!

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Aria Aviva

The best decision I have made in a long time was booking Aria during her visit to Brisbane. Incredibly naturally beautiful woman, 100x better in person. She’s a great communicator and even had a bottle of wine for me on arrival, going above and beyond. Can’t wait to see you again Aria xx

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Olive Pearl

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Olive for the first time. She is amazing and down to earth open minded human being. I adore her beautiful body, mind, and soul.
Olive is so much hotter and prettier than her photos and has an incredibly engaging personality.

I really enjoyed our time together from our conversations, laughter to intimacy. Olive has dark brown eyes that I completely lost in. her passionate Kisses and caresses consuming lover and enjoys indulging her companions to taking them to next level of sexual pleasure. Her coquettish appearance and warmth will make anyone melts.

Olive has some stunning body art that tells story and her pretty crystal piercing on her kitty which makes her purr.
Anyone who meets Olive once will never forget her charming love, honesty, lust, erotic and sensual experiences.

Looking forward to meeting you again, Olive!

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Chasey Devil

Met Chasey first time up for GFE. Chasey is a wonderful exciting lady who was bright and enthusiastic from the first minute we met. This girl obviously enjoys her work which makes you immediately feel at ease. And yes, Chasey really knows what she's doing, conversation-wise not to mention in bed. Will definitely book this gorgeous fun lover again. xx

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Annabelle Ramsay

I've been lucky enough to have seen Annabelle for a number of years now. While variety is the spice of life, there's also something to be said for "when you find a good thing stick with it".
Annabelle is everything you could want and more, she's definitely a lady who enjoys what she does and she does it well.
All I can say is time with Annabelle is time well spent.

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Sasha Heart

I had the pleasure meeting Sasha whilst touring Sydney recently for a Dinner date, and am so glad Sasha accepted our date.
Conversation with Sasha was great due to her personality that just shines, and you sense how caring Sasha is naturally..!! Lots of laughs had, and I must say...amazing kisser ???? and just oozes sexiness !! Time with Sasha does not feel rushed, but makes you wish you should of booked longer as the date progresses...this gorgeous lady cleary enjoys what she does and it shows. Sasha leaves you with a smile for days, so thankyou for being you and I so look forward to meeting you again one day !! Keep smiling xx

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Gemma Rose

GFE is an understatement, it felt like I was in a loving relationship again and everything felt so organic and genuine. Gemma is an incredibile woman with a smile that could melt hearts and set them racing! Her kind and relaxed demeanour had me feel so at ease and I felt like I was with a friend or partner. Huge props for being so patient through my initial awkwardness and anxiety. Great conversation as shes incredibly smart, funny and cute, felt like I'd known her for years and was honestly a treasured experience xo

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Imogen Knox

I recently had the good fortune of spending a couple of hours with Imogen at my apartment. Upon Imogen’s arrival I was happy to meet a very fit and attractive woman. I realised that her photos were refreshingly authentic and an accurate portrait of the physical Imogen.
Whilst making payment Imogen engaged me in some easy conversations putting me at ease and allowing me to get comfortable. We then retreated to the lounge for some refreshments.
A sexual chemistry quickly developed and “boom” the clothes were flying off in a flurry of raw lust. Imogen is a real “live wire” as I soon found out. The pace was frenetic right up until it was time for a well-deserved shower.
Those few hours with Imogen were awesome and are indelibly etched in my memory. I’m already fantasizing about our next encounter. Why not indulge yourself with the vivacious and insatiable Imogen?

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Leo Dale

Leo - oh my goodness. He will leave you with the best afterglow of your life. He truly is the most attentive, kind companion and a lover beyond compare. Don’t hesitate to contact Leo, you will want to see him again and again! ????

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J'adore is very authentic and actually amazing with the overall massage, so skilled and sensual with her body massaging me not just her hands, it was so lovely that it felt very intimate and at the same time naturally healing. She is born for this work.

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Tiny Tiffany

Spent an hour with her the other night, honestly she’s the best, friendly, and has the most seductive eyes every. If you’re going to spend your money on drugs or gambling or whatever, spend it on her instead, you won’t regret.

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Roxy Arabella

I've met Roxy twice recently and can confirm her profile and pics are totally authentic. I had a great experience, she is gentle, down to earth and very keen to please. She is also genuine slender if that's your thing- a leggy size 8. Highly recommended.

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Demi Luxe

I am long on years but short on experience, so there was plenty of nervousness before meeting Demi. I needn't have worried, although the heart rate did tick up even further when she dropped her robe.

Demi is the most voluptuous kisser; I have never previously experienced kissing that was any near as pleasurable and I could have happily spent the hour just doing that. It was one of three highlights of our time together.

If you're a first timer or at all the nervous type, you can relax with Demi; you're in the hands of a professional.

As for my other highlights? Mind your own business.

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Ivy Harper

Ivy was an above and beyond social companion. I was looking for someone exceptional and she exceeded my expectations. She was kind, funny, super intelligent, authentic, warm and generous with her spirit. I feel privileged and blessed to have spent time in her precious company, and would recommend her highly to anyone seeking the kind of elusive intimacy one finds on a great first date or meeting a great friend for the first time.

Thanks so much Ivy. You’re the best.

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Charlie Swinton

I have on 2 occasions met up with the amazing Charlie on both times the evenings were brilliant, she is both beautiful and easy to talk to I would highly recommend her to anyone. I am very looking forward to visiting Melbourne so I can see her again Rodney

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Cece Barker

Cece and I have spent several beautiful dates together over the last few years. She is charming, vivacious and very funny, lighting up any room she is in. While her conversation is a delight, she brings that sense of authenticity and passion into every type of booking. I would strongly recommend that any gentlemen looking to add some excitement to their life book an evening with this beautiful Irish lass, you will carry the memory fondly I assure you.

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Kurt Matthews

Want to know what it’s like to be naked and alone in a room with a giant 6’6” man and feel 100% safe and at ease? To be touched in a way that completely respects and honours your body? To have someone who intimately understands anatomy, explore yours?

Kurt Matthews is amazing. Not only does he have the body of a Greek god, his friendly demeanour, boyish charm, and professional attitude make spending time with him an absolute pleasure every visit. His knowledge of the female body is unparalleled. I am a dancer in my mid-30s with high body intelligence (and a decent body count). Yet Kurt has taught me new things about myself, including how to squirt! He holds a wealth of knowledge and is gifted with truly magical fingers.

But it’s not just the sexy touchy that I go for. Kurt is also a great listener. Want to talk about whatever desires or dramas are on your mind? He won’t judge, and usually has great advice. Have questions about the human body, male or female, that you’ve been too shy to ask anyone about? Kurt is your man. Want to ugly cry unashamedly while being tenderly held in…

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Nadia Palm

I went looking for a twist of kink and left hungry for more. Nadia made the process of booking simple; quick and clear communication leading to a confirmed booking in short time. Being relatively inexperienced in the world of kink Nadia's feedback and reassurance over emails and in the initial discussions of our booking eased my nerves and helped clarify the boundaries of the experience. This intelligent and beautiful woman has a keen sense of timing, building the experience, step by step to a crescendo that left me clear in the knowledge that I need to explore the world of kink more fully. I'm in no doubt that I will be looking to Nadia to lead me through that experience.

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Sofia Vuitton

Sofia Is A Wonderful Human Being With A Lovely Soul ????

I had the opportunity to meet with Sofia in the Melbourne CBD. She is a wonderful gal with a big heart; and a very gentle soul. A great + listener + conversationalist and down to earth person. Treat her with respect gents, she is a rare find. ????

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Sara Fennic

If you are a queer or bi-curious woman thinking about booking Sara, do not hesitate! You'll be in very capable hands. My husband and I spent a very lovely afternoon with Sara having great conversations, laughs, and very sexy fun. She's even prettier in person with eyes you can get lost in and endless curves on her body. Sara is a true animal lover so for those wanting the bonus of ethically-minded companion, she's the one.

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