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Escort Reviews in Perth

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Amelia Aurora

i had an amazing experience with Amelia

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Sasha Sinns

When I first met the gorgeous Sasha she was super welcoming cheeky flirty and sweet all at once . We talked smack and laughed and we shared a great intial connection which was so comfortable and relaxing. And then she showed me the meaning of passion and fire. Her elegant curves and astonishing figure blew me away as we slowly entangled ourselves in fantastic ways that always left me supremely satisfied.
By the end of the evening I was totally and utterly drunk on the ecstacy of what had transpired . 100/100 would highly recommend and have even already booked again for a longer evening in the near future.

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Chloe Holiday

Simply put, Chloe Holiday is the epitome of a courtesan.

Every aspect of the experience is carefully curated for pleasure from booking through to her impeccably styled residence (be sure to check out the fridge) and exceptional hospitality.

Chloé is a goddess in her sexual prime. If you treat her with respect it will be repaid in spades.

She is a self described hedonist and does not disappoint. However, she is equally as comfortable in an intimate romantic booking.

If that's not enough, she is also a warm, engaging conversationalist with a razor sharp wit.

Experience says longer bookings are better as they allow you to fully experience everything that she has to offer, especially when paired with a social date.

A booking with Chloé is truly a physically and mentally euphoric experience and highly recommended.

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Charlotte Lane

I had the delightful opportunity to meet miss Charlotte Lane for an intimate afternoon rendezvous. It’s rare to meet someone you just instantly connect with; no awkward moments, no uncomfortable silences, just two irrepressible goofballs hitting it off.

Charlotte’s already stunning photographs don’t do her justice. I was struck by her graceful height, her contagious smile, and, ahem, her incredible ass which she assured me she grew all by herself. Our time together was relaxed, playful, and pretty freaking hot if I do say so myself. I left feeling light as a feather with a silly grin I held well into the night. Thank you Charlotte, and I truly can’t wait to see you again xx

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Carmen has such a warm smile and welcoming presence that will instantly put you at ease when you first set sight on her. A nude massage with Carmen is an incredibly sensual and relaxing experience with plenty of oil on you and her! Her G-cup breasts are absolutely luscious and perfect, and her curves are smooth and shapely. Time with Carmen will leave you floating on your toes!

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Amelia Kennedy

Amelia is absolutely amazing, her perfect features to her devotion as your partner throughout the booking provides an experience that will certainly leave you wanting more, be careful though, she is very addictive;)

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Jordan fox

Making the choice to have a date with this amazing women has to be one of my favourite choices ever, I was nervous and anxious n quite riddled . Wasnt sure how it would go. But the second we locked eyes and made our greetings . It all faded away. Our lunch date was filled with laughter ,awesome conversation and bonding with delicious sushi to tantilize our taste buds and then when we retired to solidatarity the pure genuinely awesome feelings of comfort, safety and relaxation that was experience during our time was weight lifting from my mind. I really felt trusted ,loved and understood. Jordan is just breathtaking in body, soul and mind. Plus also those eyes and hair are to die for hehe
Couldnt more highly recommend her services for anyone needing that intimate refreshment of mind ,soul and trust

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Viola Fauvelle

I have been seeing Miss Viola for the last 3 months on a regular basis, each and every encounter is more captivating than the last.

From the moment you walk through the door you are greeted with her captivating signature smile, a warm embrace and the most positive energy you will find. You know instantly that the troubles of the world are gone for that moment in time. Her beautiful photos do her no justice to how truly or deeply her beauty goes, she is even more beautiful in person with her stunning figure, beautiful caramel locks and those gorgeous eyes, do not be alarmed by the lack of her beautiful face in her pictures as I can assure you this aligns to be a match made in heaven like her body and mind.

You will quickly feel at ease and be made comfortable by great conversation, laughs and that captivating smile. Her touch is soft, her kisses are sweet. The rest I am sure you can imagine. But I will say this Viola will make your dreams come true.

If you are looking for for a companion who can not only provide you with a physical connection but also…

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