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10 THINGS I'VE LEARNT LATELY 2.0 - First Blog post on Dakota Dice by Edie Lau

Posted by Edie Lau

Date posted:

I receive many texts, emails, and calls from various people including clients and other businesses. This week I got 15 enquiries and they were practically all duds. I know, I know, that's life amirite?
By the way! Before you read further, please note that this blogpost is an extension, companion-piece and general musing that sits on the same mantelpiece as these blogposts here:  

10 things I've learnt lately [edition I]

So many fish in the sea all of them timewasters

I'm approachable despite being private -
I do my best, but I've noticed an uptick in demanding and perplexing behaviour.
A cruise on your friendly neighbourhood Twitter will tell you much the same. The sea of potential real life dates has now been awash with microplastics, aka timewasters. Because of this demanding energy, I often have to remind myself to immerse my presence in people and experiences that feed my joy.
In life, I've now learnt that the best people are those who have worked in time constrained environments: the ones for me are those who've worked in stressful kitchens, high end boutiques/restaurants, high-demand retail and any service industry. You get it right? No need to be a dickhead + do your research so you don't waste people's time.

There's way too much soul sucking energy out there!

10 Thi1ngs I've learnt in business and pleasure:

  • Don't string people along. Actions > words
  • Read everything and sit with it. Breathe after every sentence.
  • Understand that life and moments are priceless, ignore the gremlin counting beans in your brain
  • No money is worth disrespect
  • King Sh*t is being organised and communicative
  • Goddess Sh*t is being organised and communicative with grace
  • Give sincere apologies when they are due, don't make excuses
  • People lie, cheat and manipulate. That's on them, time will work it out.
  • Leave your phone in the other room when you go to bed at night and turn it off :)
  • Saying no is hot. People pleasing is not.

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