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How it all started, Chapter one - Before Evie

Posted by Lilah Banks

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Chapter One – Before Evie


September 2012, maybe two weeks before the AFL grand finale. I come home from a day of studying (to maintain my privacy, let us say I was studying to become a superhero or fighter pilot, whatever floats your boat). My friend who I lived with at the time called me into the kitchen, she had just finished cooking and I very clearly remember her telling me off because I was eating the pastries she had just finished making.

After finishing my mouthful, she said “Babe, what are you doing next week?” as usual my answer was filled with sarcasm and excitement as I replied, “Fuck knows!” and alas…. The story begins.

Casually sitting down on the lounge, she asked me if I would like to go to Melbourne with her, to which I replied, “Meh might as-well”. Then out of nowhere she says, “I’m going for work, I have the best client their babe, he lives in the Crown Towers and I would like you to come with me, you know I’m a Hooker right babe?”. Considering I was not a virgin I figured I had absolutely nothing too lose, and everything to gain, so like any worldly 22-year-old topless waitress who was studying to become a superhero, I said “Yeah okay, ill come”.

So off we went, my first ever escorting job. Holy fuck balls… I could not believe it; this was happening, and I was so excited for it. I remember counting down the hours before the job started, the smells of the city, the cab we took to the crown, all of it. My senses were heightened due to the excitement, it was exhilarating, and I had not even taken my clothes off yet!

I guess you could say this was a very odd dinner date, as it was just me and girlfriend and the client, would meet us afterwards, but was happy to take care of the bill at Nobu, I guess you could call this his M.O.

So, dinner is done, I have never enjoyed food and cocktails so much in my life. The phone rings… It is the client, seeing if we would like more time at dinner, we were finished so, let the show begin.

We exit Nobu and make our way to the Crown Towers residence elevators, a few minutes later these doors open, and I stepped into the most opulent elevator foyer I had ever seen!

The elevator doors open, and this man walks out smiling and greets us so warmly. By this point I am totally cacking it, I could barely form words!

We get out the elevator, I follow my girlfriend who is carrying the conversation for us both as I am trying to remember how to talk. The door opens and its just the most stunning place I had ever seen! The view, the furniture, even the damn throw cushions had me drooling. We all sit down and engage in some chat before we make our way to the bedroom.

I am sure you have an imagination and can comfortably work out what happened next. We all did the dance with no pants for hours, taking turns enjoying and exploring one another. The intimacy, the kink, the taboo of the whole situation awakened this part of me I did not know existed and I was/am thriving from it still.

My first job as an escort was a FMTY dinner date followed by my FIRST ever threesome! I THOUGHT I WAS THE SHHIIIIIIT!! My goodness, that is when the penny dropped. I could do this; I could make this work and I will be great at it! If I only knew what life had instore for me after this, and as you will find out surely enough, it has been a hell of a ride and I would not change a damn thing!


The night ends, we are back at our hotel room. My girlfriend told me that I am a natural at this, and I remember feeling so proud, the admiration I had for this woman was incredible, such a strong, intelligent driven beautiful woman. It felt good to know that I had her approval, as odd as that may seem.

She tells me she has a client in Sydney who would like to see both of us, from memory he had a thing for newbies in the industry, after a few hours the date in Sydney is confirmed and its official… I am a working girl… Little did I know how much this trip too Sydney would open my eyes…


To Be Continued…


Evie Valentine xoxo

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