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Things to Ask an Escort in 2022

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Posted by Danielle

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There are many things you should can and certainly should ask an escort, whether related to your booking, services offered or even conversation starters. These questions will help you with best etiquette for your next date! What should and shouldn't you ask an escort in 2022...

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Things to ask an escort in 2022

What services do you offer (if not listed on advertisement)?

Depending on the escort's preference and State Law, services may or may not be listed on their advertisement. 

It is always best to ask any questions you may have regarding services offered, so that you both may enjoy a wonderful experience together. Please be sure to not request illegal services. Respect the answer you receive is final.

I have a fetish/like for X, is that something you are comfortable with?

Always ask first! If you are looking for a particular service or experience make sure you ask your escort prior to confirming the booking. Everybody has preferences and likes/dislikes, never be ashamed to ask!

Can I bring anything to our booking?

A very polite question! You may want to bring some bubbles, a gift or something else. Or this may be your first booking and are completely unsure of what to bring, simply ask your escort.

Bring yourself and a wonderful attitude, anything extra is a bonus.

Would it be okay if we share a drink together in our booking?

Another very polite question, your escort may have preferences and you'll already be making a wonderful impression. Offer to bring their favourite.

How would you prefer the remainder of the payment?

This may be outlined in their advertisement, if not simply ask. It's always best to confirm.

May I please request a certain dress or look?

You may be wanting to enjoy a certain look or dress, its absolutely fine to ask your escort if they can satisfy your request. 

If you have booked a touring escort, if possible try to ask them prior to their tour as they may need to pack for you!

I'd like you to tour my city soon?

If an escort you would like to meet/ haven't seen in a while doesn't have tour dates for your city up, reach out and express interest. 

If you would really like to see them, inquire about a 'fly me to you booking'. Some escorts may provide a service where they can travel specifically for you, this usually requires a minimum booking length.

If you would like for a shorter booking but still desire to see them, offer paying a larger deposit and book longer to support their tour costs. Touring costs can be an excessive and risky outlay.

I have a few dislikes I would like to elaborate on is that okay?

 If you are feeling nervous, perhaps don't like kissing, a certain touch or service it is absolutely okay to let your escort know.

This important for your own comfortability during the booking. If possible elaborate prior, to make sure when you meet that both parties are relaxed as possible without any boundary crossing.

May I have a shower?

There isn't a better question! Even if you've showered just prior, it is incredibly polite and respectful to always ask to have another. 

Conversation starter questions:

If your escort has said she would like to drink during the booking, you can offer a glass of wine or water.

How has your day been?

Have you visited this city before?

Do you travel much and do you enjoy it/ where is your favourite place to travel?

What's your favourite wine, food, restaurant?

What do you enjoy doing in your down time? (this may give you some gift ideas for future!)

I would like to bring you a gift, what would you like?

Gifts are deeply appreciated but never expected. If you would like to buy your escort a gift and are unsure to what to buy, you can fist check their advertisement, social media or personal website for any ideas. If still stuck, simply ask them! 

These are just some examples of great questions to ask you escort in 2022. You can make them more personalised if you'd like, or ask them specific activities they may like to accompany you on. Be creative, but respectful.

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