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A Selection of My Recent Reviews on Adult Forum NZ

Posted by Indian Heer

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Hi lovelies! Check my website Review Blog for all of my reviews!

  • You Looking for an Indian Escort? There Is Only One Heer
    Just contributing my small bit to Heer's ever expanding list of sky-high positive reviews haha As everybody on here knows, Heer is famous on Adult Forum, so she really needs no introduction (she currently has 12 PAGES of reviews on AF). However, it is still my first time meeting this amazing woman, and I must say, it is certainly quite different from the (limited) punting experiences I have had in the past few years!
    Heer really treats her work very professionally: since it was our first encounter, at the beginning of the session, she asked about my likes and dislikes, whether I have punt before, whether I have read her profile carefully, and gave me a brief idea about what to expect. It was at this point that I joked that this felt more like a job interview rather than a punt lol! But Heer has a very bubbly, warm and good-natured personality and made me felt welcome and comfortable. She is also a very beautiful woman with deep sexy eyes, huge breasts and an extraordinary bum.
    Then it was shower time and off we go. It was my first time trying kamasutra and lingham massage, and the experience and pleasure was OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD: the sensations were so unfathomably good, that I didn't even know such massage techniques exist until now! And I have visited a fair number of sensual masseuses. I think all clients should try this type of massage at least once in their lives.
    I will leave what happened next to all of your wildest imaginations, but I can say that Heer really enjoys passionate and loving kissing, and when she pulled me in tight towards the end, I must have entered the realm of pure bliss.
    I told Heer afterwards that she re-defined what the whole "punting experience" meant for me. I am afraid I won't get easily satisfied with other SWers from now on since she has set the bar too high!
    I will say this now: if there is only one Naru for Japanese escorts in Auckland, then there is only one Heer for the Indian equivalent
    (Just to be clear, I do not intend to pit SWers against each other or offend anyone; I am simply acknowledging that both wonderful ladies are at the top of their game in this industry)
    ~ The Not So Ancient One
    ~ 06/02/2022
  • A Taste Of Heer
    I look down to see her well-oiled slender fingers reach around from behind me to work their magic on my engorged cock – just the right touch, just the right pressure to constantly keep me on the edge. Its magical!
    ~ porsinka
    ~ 22/05/2022
  • Northern Indian Honey
    I've probably looked at Heer's profile more than anyone else but for some reason never sent the text, well today I did, this lady is fantastic, communication was so easy and friendly she put me at ease immediately. There's not much that can be said that hasn't already been written in her previous reviews, but the passion and oil covered erotic sexual encounter was mind blowing.
    Thank you Heer
    ~ Wingy
    ~ 04/10/2022
  • Witty Title Heer
    Took time to go and see Heer and I was first up this morning for one of her now famous massages.
    I know there are many reviews for Heer already but she is so worth commenting on.
    First time with her and it was something special for sure
    All very easy really, she asked if I could arrive early which was fine, the usual before getting underway then we are on the bed chatting and ready for the fun to begin.
    It took a while for me to relax into the massage and let her just do her thing without anticipating or thinking about what was going on.
    While my last couple of SM have been fine (DND) this was/ is next level.
    The sensation/ energy started to flow once I did allow myself to relax, building to a finish that i would describe as a loooong full-body orgasm that went on forever it seemed to a surprise ending.
    A bit of a chat, shower.... bit of a chat and I'm on my way.
    A happy camper.
    Heer is a wonderful lady who gives a fantastic time.
    I will catch her when she is back again after her break away.
    ~ Mr snuffleupagus
    ~ 15/11/2022
  • Heer - The Ultimate Goddess
    She is the Ultimate goddess. Anyone that has seen Heer knows this.
    I've seen Heer a number of times since 2015/2016. They are all very memorable, but I think as time goes on, you get more comfortable in each others company, you know what makes them tick, which buttons to push, which ones not to.
    This, in my opinion makes the bookings so much better. With Heer (for me) this is very much the case.
    Heer is lovely. Not forced lovely, she is a genuinely lovely person. She would talk the ear off an elephant but is funny with it. Id imagine she can mould the convo to anyone's taste to suit the situation.
    Heer exudes sex appeal. You only got to look at her profile to see that right?!! But in the flesh she's unreal. Writing this I'm thinking of her crawling her way up my body, those breasts catching my cock and sliding along it as her tongue is penetrating my mouth.
    Her tongue is fucking incredible. No one kisses like Heer. I'd never been deep throated by a girls tongue before but fuck me it's what it seems like!
    She genuinely squirts and it's mind blowing, she has it down to a fine art. You find yourself waiting to catch it with your face like a back stop at a softball game
    Many memories beautiful. One day I will see you in Auckland for an all nighter. That's the next box to tick!
    Might have to add a friend for that occasion!
    If anyone's thinking about seeing this lady, don't think just fucking do it. Seeing Heer is the best way there is to treat yourself to an incredible experience!
    Til next time beautiful.
    ~ Roy
    ~ 06/01/2023
  • Heer Just Incredible
    After a few attempts I finally had the good fortune to meet Heer and it was so worth the wait. Communication was easy as and accommodation perfect for discretion.
    When Heer opened the door my first thought was how her pictures don't do her justice...she is absolutely stunning in person!! I really like that Heer is really chatty, it helped break the ice and calm the nerves. Paperwork and shower out of the way and time for the most amazing massage I think I have ever had...the whole nine yards lingham, sensual it was incredible...and holy shit the level!!!
    When Heer rolled me over and I seen her naked my jaw must have hit the floor, she has the perfect body...I believe I may have said that more than a few times and I couldn't keep my hands off it!!! And as per a previous review I was questioning wether I was an ass or tit man. More bodyslides, lingham massages and heavenly bliss followed. Heers oral skills are mind blowing and the sex was so much fun with Heer on top then in missionary before she finished me off with a hand job that had me levitating from the bed.
    I now see why there are so many reviews and I am now one of the legions of Heer fans. I know im repeating what everyone here knows but that's my 2 cents worth.
    Heer if you read this thank you, you absolutely rocked my world and I hope our paths cross again.
    Your red bull and water delivery guy.
    ~ Hda22
    ~ 29/05/2023

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