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An Announcement: I'm pursuing My Dream!

Posted by Edie Lau

Date posted:

As the year winds down, I have already excitedly announced here that I am embarking on a thrilling journey to pursue my dream in the upcoming new year! Throughout my life, I have often held my goals close to my heart, cherishing them like precious gems. While I can't reveal all the intricacies of this new adventure, what I can share is that I am dedicating precious time to exploring my curiosity and embracing new opportunities that exist beyond the confines of my familiar world.

Rest assured, dear readers, that your access to my world will not be hindered but rather remain readily available through considerate planning and open communication. In fact, let me delight you with a list of forthcoming dates that will surely warm my heart and ignite a sense of excitement within my mind. Imagine feeling that delightful sensation of fuzziness, but in the most delightful way possible!


  1. FMTY - Set a date!
    To ensure a memorable and well-orchestrated experience, I will be prioritising FMTY (Fly Me to You) encounters, allowing for longer, more immersive encounters. These will need to be meticulously planned well in advance. Weekends are the perfect time to organise your FMTY!
    Adding an extra touch of anticipation to our connection thoughout the week.

  2. I miss you!
    I can't wait to reunite with lovers who have been absent from my embrace for what feels like an eternity.
  3. 2 hours = Happy Hours :) 
    Yes, dear friends, you heard that right! I have set aside dedicated slots for intimate encounters, two hours or more, after 5pm on Thursdays and Sundays. 
  4. Double your fun, pleasure and endorphins
    I love my friends. You will too!
    For those seeking an exquisite and unforgettable connection, I have reserved time for enchanting trysts with my gorgeous friends.
    These fun filled encounters hold the promise of shared laughter, captivating conversations, and an infusion of passion woven into the fabric of our naughty friendship.

    I am resolved to channel the same vibrant energy I have exuded throughout this past year.

    I humbly request that you continue to shower me with that energy, keeping me hot, unbothered and excited to see you whilst I am rested, pursuing My dream and entwined in your company.

    Your support and understanding are crucial as I embark on this daring expedition, and for that, I am immensely grateful.

    Although my journey may take me on divergent paths, please rest assured that I am still accessible through email and my trusted booking form. However, do bear in mind that my priorities remain unwavering for people with planning abilities, effective communication skills and ability to deposit and screen promptly.

    Now, more than ever, I am excited to navigate uncharted territories, fulfilling my dreams while staying connected with you all.
    Warmest regards,

    Edie Lau

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