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Posted by Lexx Soule

Date posted:

The service that I received from this barber was by far the WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPEREINCED!


Recently (About 2 weeks ago) I was due for a haircut, I had a mop, mullet, hedgehog, bowl cut thing happening and a date with a client that week, I had been putting a haircut off and now it was time to be productive. Unfortunately the last hairdressing salon that I went to had permanently shut down. She did an incredible job too, without a shadow of a doubt the best cut I have ever received for my new style, possibly the best haircut ever. What makes this even worse is that it was the first time I had gone to that hairdresser, found my girl, then she leaves, story of an escort.

Being a long way from previous barbers & the city, a local barbershop it was. Knowing the area I knew exactly what shop it was & had previously spoken to the owner, lovely lady, Unfortunately it was an employee and not the owner that was cutting my hair.

When I walked in all was well, I sat down showed the employee the style that I wanted, explaining my individual styling difference. I ask for an undercut, styled forward with a fringe. Everything was going fine, the employee checked in with me halfway through to make sure I liked the back. But then we got to the end! The left side of my head was great, I complimented the cut, it was fantastic, the right side had not been "undercut", it was a really messy blend. The whole haircut was good except for this one side.

After explaining my concern and observations the employee unreluctantly "fixed" the cut. It was not fixed. This obviously piqued her a little as she told me she could not do any more and that the haircut was finished, rushing the clean-up, wipe down process. By this time there was 2 other gentleman waiting & 1 having his haircut from the owner, he was a regular based off their conversations. The owner intervened to analyse my hair, I precisely, and nonchalantly explained what was wrong with the haircut, going back to mirror, standing directly in front of her eye to eye. "It's fine, it's exactly what you asked for" she explained, after explaining and showing her the problem again she snapped "Fine, once I've finished with this gentleman, I'll work on it. Just sit down and shut up". "That's okay, I don't want you to" I calmly started walking past her to collect my things and leave without paying for my haircut.

She was barking at me as we walked up the street "excuse me, you need to pay for your haircut!", "You can't just leave without paying for a haircut", "I'm calling the police", "(employees name) call the police". But I was calm, I did not raise my voice, I did not run I just walked with her for about 2 blocks before sitting on a bench waiting for the police that never came. When seated & waiting I raised some valuable arguments with her. If you went to a nail salon and asked for red nails but they give you blue nails what are you going to do? Ask them to change it? Maybe you don't have time. What are you going to do? For the purpose of this blog let's put this into perspective of a sex worker. If you as the client have requested tantric sex and they service fast paced vanilla sex, what are you going to do? If you have paid $500 for a couple hours of fun and the provider arrives stoned and un-cognitive, what are you going to do? Ask for a refund or give a horrible review.

While seated I was taking her fancy, she was extremely cute, her outfit was adorable, and so I gave her a few compliments as well. "You look really cute in that skirt", "You are beautiful", "Can I take you out to dinner?". Yes I asked to take her out to dinner. Obviously, she did not accept the offer of invitation, and after 5 – 10 minutes of conversation she walked back to the shop & I walked home. At the time of writing this (8.09.2023) no police have knocked on my door.


Had the owner said "Okay, sit down and I will fix it when I'm finished with this gentleman". I would have sat down, waited, and paid. Even if she did not make my hair perfect, just acknowledging the error and attempting to rectify the problem would have been enough for me to pay but never return. But "sit down & shut up" makes Lexx say "time to pack up".


I do want to clarify, this was not a $10 quick fix shop, $40 men's cut.


I did not leave a negative review on any of her pages, I do not write this to shame her or her business, just one of my life stories where I was a bad boy and did not pay for my haircut.


Warm regards,
L. Soule.

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