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Bad Boy Lexx #2 (Go F$#K Yourself)

Posted by Lexx Soule

Date posted:

Have you ever worked for someone who does sweet fuck all and expects you to do everything! Well that is what this story is about.

Previously I have worked in retail, Love the industry, love providing customer service, but came to hate working with snub nosed, golden shit taking, hypocritical, lazy colleagues. Okay not all retail workers are like that, but from my experience there is more then less.

I loved this job, it was a suiting company, the clothes were high quality, affordable, and most of (97%) of my customer experiences were fantastic. But there was one manager that I could just never get along with. Before telling you how I got fired I do want to compliment this man, he had swarve style, he smelt expensive, and on the occasion that we had conversations we would have good conversations. Towards women he was a gentleman, and towards men he would style them appropriately. But!

He was also very lazy, never punctual, and shat golden shits that smelt like sunflowers on the first day of spring.

There was a build-up of dilemmas that ultimately lead to my position being taken from me. But what put the nail in the coffin was the day I said "Go fuck yourself" & "If you keep pointing your finger at me & telling me what to do, I will grab you by the hair and skull drag you out to the bin area to beat the shit out of you" 




I know, I know. Very inappropriate. Before you judge me though Matthew McConaughey said a similar thing to his Australian homestay family when he wouldn't call them Papa & Mama. So while I don't condone my actions, I have no regrets.


How did it get to that?!?!


6 hours of watching him intensely scroll up & down YouTube deciding what Jazz playlist to play next. That was that nail in the coffin.

Look, I understand authority, I understand the hierarchy, but I also know that work is to be done. So when you never greet a customer and when try to order your subordinate while INTENSELY deciding what YouTube song to play next. Lexx says no way!

On one particular day I had tried to neaten up the shirt wall, successfully finishing a quarter by myself (this wall was another kind of messy). While I was standing there folding shirts, I watched as his finger would twitch the mouse up & down, up & down, up & down, up & down, up & down, up & down, up & down, up & down. One more time. Up & down, up & down. FOR 6 HOURS! By the end of the day I did not care what he had to say, I left work not saying anything, knowing full well I would be back tomorrow. That's when the volcano erupted.


Arriving on time with a smile on my face ready to continue my work on the wall. 10 minutes pass, 20 minutes pass, 30 minutes pass, 45 minutes pass before the store manager decides to show up to work. Obviously by this time I was irritated so a good morning did not leave my mouth. Being late was a regular occurrence for him too. 

I start on the wall again, "Lexx stop doing that, you're wasting time, do something else" he ordered from his computer. This started a small argument and me telling him he does nothing, is rude to customers by never greeting them and that his continual late appearances is a waste of everyone's time & money. But then I asked what he would like me to do and followed instructions.

After half a day of folding, watching him make more of a mess, and steal my customers I had enough. I turned into a big pain in the ass.

The folding table was cluttered, with his personal clothes that he would sell while at work, with alterations that were needed, stock that wouldn't fit on the floor. So once there was no room, I started piling the clothes on the keyboard, in front of the computer screen, the receipt printer, his water bottle, wherever would be an inconvenience for him. He knew what I was doing too but did not react, he would just move things back to my folding zone. The customer would leave & the clothes went straight back on the keyboard. After about 30 minutes of no customers he stood across the table from me to exchange his opinion of me and what I was doing. Things got heated and he started to raise his voice and point his finger at me. This is when I told him that if he was to keep pointing his finger at me & telling me what to do I would grab him by the hair and skull drag him out to the bin area to beat the shit out of him, not breaking eye contact.

"Time for you to go Lexx" he informed me, so I did. I went to the back area, grabbed my things, one of his up & Go's, and never worked with him again.

The CEO visited the state a week later and paid me a visit, to cut a long story short they informed me I would no longer be working for the company. 

Since leaving the company other people have informed me that the said manager still shows up to work an hour late, still sells his own clothes during work hours, and still never greets customers. 

It hurt being fired, but that is just the way the cookie crumbled. 


I now know if I am ever in that position again, to just bite my tongue and walk away.


Thank you for reading,
L. Soule.


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