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Bad Boy Lexx #3 (FRUIT FUCK)

Posted by Lexx Soule

Date posted:



Over my entrepreneur journey I have been forced to work a wide range of occupations, one of them being a fruit ninja. Yes, I used to get paid to cut and pack fruit. Fun fact, they have a fruiterer course where you can study how to be a fruit ninja. No, I never did the course.

Now while I was working at the shop I developed the biggest crush for the boss's daughter, she was sexy! Cute smile, well dressed, innocent appeal, nice tits, great ass. We didn't speak a lot at first, just a few "hi, how are you?", but a few glances later, made us aware of each other. When I found out she was single *Thanks to asking her dad. I took the opportunity. I asked for her number.

We started talking & going on a few social dates (sushi, the movies, coffee), we had some fun times together, she was one really cool chick. One night after seeing a movie we went to a secret spot to get our jungle fever on, from that night on we were fucking a few times a week.

She wasn't so innocent!


It was a little awkward at times though, I would have sex with the Chloe one night, wake up before her dad, arrive to work before her dad, for him to arrive an hour later & ask how my night was. And in a way that was like he knew, and he wanted me to know, that he knew, I knew, he knew. I don't mean to brag but there was times the whole house KNEW! So it would be a little awkward at times. Her mum always played it cool though.


We started dating for a little while, during this period we use to help her dad by selling his fruit & vegetables at a local market. Working at the markets was an experience, apart from the 3am wake up times and the quiet days where we would come home with a half full van of fruit & vegetable it was good, and at times fun. Every time without fail though, we would enjoy the Transylvanian styled breakfasts, they were delicious.


One morning, my morning wood would just not lower itself down. I was horny, hard and wanted to fuck! So while moving the fruit from the cold room to the van we did just that. I bent her over the banana boxes and fucked the boss's daughter in his cold room for about 10 minutes, the moans were loud and our fruits were ripe! We finished with me ejaculating into a condom. It was a fun quick fuck! This continued to happen several times over our one year relationship, we would fuck in the work van too if we arrived at the markets early enough, we would bang one out on the way home, it was good fun!

To this day her dad still doesn't know, there were no cameras in that part of the shop, and obviously it is not something we intended to bring up at the dinner table.

Unfortunately, we are no longer dating, we stay in contact and talk occasionally, she doesn't know I'm an escort (maybe she does). She was a bright girl, a good girl, a beautiful girl, and hopefully one day our paths can cross again.


Thank you for reading,
L. Soule. 


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