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Budgeting for tours and escort expenses

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Posted by Imogen

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Budgeting, the dreaded "B" word!

I know, no one likes to hear the "b word" I especially don't. BUT it's something important that can contribute to your overall wellbeing. Hear me out - do you live comfortably within your means? Do you worry about paying your bills on time? Either one, you need a budget. 

Whether you're a touring SW or you only work in your home state. You need to be able to quickly assess your finances at all times and know where you stand. Want that new Gucci? Or maybe upgrade your apartment? Maybe you want to start investing those hard-earned $$

Want to know if you're upcoming tour is going to be financially beneficial?

I have a complete breakdown spreadsheet, you can input your “Me” expenses, potential hours worked, take-off work expenses - yes you can include your UberEATS to the hotel at 3 am. You’ll have a quick snapshot of what expenses your current hours will cover and what you’ll have leftover to put towards your goal.

If excel is your arch-enemy, I won’t be offended. I’ve made a step-by-step guide to help you kickstart owning your finances!

This will preface the spreadsheet as a step by step guide 

 Owning your Money!

Let's start..

The first step is to write out every single expense. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Yes, even the UberEATS or random late-night paint by number lockdown purchase. Just use a piece of paper for this as we'll then go to sort these from MUST have to maybe could do without.

I found having my bank statement open and going through each purchase helped find additional expenses I wouldn’t have thought of.

Next up I want you to sort these in must have and could live without if you had to.

For example, nails. Do you need to spend $120 on a mani/pedi or could you paint them yourself? I personally can’t stand painting my toes so this is a MUST for me. Everyone will be different and that’s ok! 

Start inputting your expenses in two categories:

  1. Me Expenses (Rent, gym, Groceries, pet expenses, etc).
  2. Work Expenses (phone bill, incall, advertising, makeup, nails, clothes, shoes, etc). 

Then we’ll work on the income section.

You can separate your incall and outcall hourly rate if it’s different and add in your Onlyfans monthly income estimate.

At the bottom, add your goal. I keep a picture of my goal in my spreadsheet to keep me motivated.

You can tweak the numbers and see what you need to do to help smash that goal quicker or even reduce your hours to see what you’ll need to reduce to cater for some time off – everyone needs some time off! Have a read through our Mental Health Day blog for more information and help with looking after yourself. Here on Dakota Dice, we're not just for advertising but also helping you grow.  


Simply click here, open and save a copy to your computer or tablet to begin!

If you have any issues or need help with this, please feel free to reach out -

[email protected]

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