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Dakota Dice, a trusted and secure platform

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Posted by Danielle

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Dakota Dice Australia takes advertiser and client user privacy very seriously. We have implemented multiple measures to ensure privacy is never compromised and that our advertisers are always in control of the information they provide to us.

Dakota Dice was meticulously planned and thought out prior to development. We considered not only SEO and the essential and creative functionality to implement, but also the importance of high level privacy and security.

We explain some of the reasons Dakota Dice is a trusted and secure platform.

Dakota Dice, a trusted and secure platform

Custom built with advanced security measures

Dakota Dice is a custom built platform, this means that every single part of our website was programmed and coded by experts from scratch. A custom built platform allows for us to sepcifically develop and alter functionality any way we want. There are no limitations (other than time!).

We host the website in Australia, on responsive, trusted, high quality and secure servers with reliable data back up. Our content management system (CMS) is one of the best in Australia offering advanced security measures. Our expert developers are an Australian Company and business, they specialise in developing advanced and secure platforms.

We do not ever use plugins as we are custom built we code everything ourselves. Websites that are built with popular and common public CMS and plug in technology (such as wordpress) may be far less secure and easier to hack your private information.

We do not require any personal or private details to create a profile

Please refer to our privacy policy here. All advertisers may create a profile without inputting any personal information. Dakota Dice Australia may require evidence of age if the advertiser looks to be under the age of 18 or this is reported to us.
Advertisers can create an entire profile using their alias or escort details, as long as they are the person whom works under those details and their images are accurate. Please read more about our strict verification process here.

If there are any updates or changes to our privacy policy, terms of use or terms and conditions we will notify advertisers immediately.

We do not use an inbuilt payment system

We considered all avenues of payment functionality when building Dakota Dice in order to offer our advertisers the most security with our payment options. We decided against implementing an in-built payment processer as we do not want to store advertisers personal payment details within the platform. No matter how secure we have built Dakota Dice, we prioritise risk reduction.

Multiple discreet payment options available

We offer multiple discreet payemt options for advertising. These include:

  • Off-site credit card payment processor
  • Apple pay for convenience 
  • Australian bank transfer
  • Commbank smart ATM cash deposit
  • Direct debit for convenience

If advertisers elect electronic payment, the description on the payment lists discreetly as: Hawk Ent. 

Australian owned and run, Australian invoicing

We are Australian owned and run and always will be. All business regarding Dakota Dice is legally registered in Australia. All advertisers receive tax invoices claimable on their Australian income tax.

Sex worker owned and run, always

We are sex worker owned and run, this will never change. We are aware of the difficulties sex workers face in regards to discrimation with financial institutions and privacy issues. We priortise our advertisers always, by ensuring we have created the most secure and trusted platform possible.


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