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Dakota Dice. Our values, priorities and goals.

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Posted by Danielle

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Dakota Dice was created with our advertisers at the forefront of our priorties. We wanted to create an advanced and aesthetic, user friendly platform that truly showcases the eloquent diversity of Australian independent escorts.

A platform that is forever evolving, built on advertiser feedback and needs. Dakota Dice offers creative and exclusive functionality to make advertising that little bit easier. Our promise to you is to abide by our core values, goals an priorities, always!

Dakota Dice. Our values, goals and priorities

Affordable advertising

  • Dakota Dice offers affordable package options to suit all advertiser needs. These packages are discounted by 50% until we hit our high SEO goals and can provide a platform that ticks all boxes.

Honest and fair 

  • Dakota Dice will always be honest and fair in regards to all aspects of the platform, our programming ensures profiles are always randonly displayed on every refresh.
  • We will never implement overly competitive package options or ad bumping.
  • We will be transparent about our growth and intentions.
  • We regularly send out surveys encouraging advertiser input.
  • We will always remain Australian owned and run.

Impecable customer service

  • Dakota Dice aims to provide advertisers and client users will impeccable customer service. We endeavour to respond ASAP.
  • We provide email, SMS, phone and twitter DM contact 7 days a week.
  • Our platform is monitored from 5:30am-10pm AEST - 7 days a week.
  • We encourage feedback and new suggestions, your voice matters to us.

Advanced and evolving platform

  • Dakota Dice is custom built this means we can implement any new functionality without any limitations.
  • We are constantly working on improving the advertiser and user experience.
  • We provide creative functionality never before seen.
  • Dakota Dice will ensure to maintain all areas of the platform at all times.
  • Dakota Dice places an emphasis on offering community based modules for advertisers.

Accuracy of advertisers, a trusted brand

  • We implement a very thorough and strict verification process, read more here.
  • We endeavour to become a brand that is trusted and relied upon by client users.
  • Dakota Dice will always uphold a high standard for approved profiles.
  • We will never tolerate plagiarism, and encourage advertisers or client users to please contact us regarding any suspicious activity.

Committed to growth

  • Dakota Dice has been meticulously custom coded to ensure we are optimised for SEO.
  • We are continually improving our pages and data to reflect google search algorithm changes and requirements.
  • We employ SEO experts for all work and advice.

Giving back

  • We are implementing a pay it forward system.
  • Dakota Dice understands the importance of investing back into the industry and other communities and Organisations.


If you would like to read more about why Dakota Dice was created from the owner/founder, please click here.

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