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Posted by Mariana Zabala

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Are you tossing and turning about whether to book me for my Gifted Goddess (GFE) or my Perverted Priestess (XXXGFE) experience? Are you wondering what exactly the difference is between these two?

Allow me to illustrate what happens when the naughty girl is let out to play…

You’ve booked the naughty girl for a couple of hours, not knowing what to expect. You think you’re prepared. You’re pleasant and polite when you make the booking, you mention you have a thing for secretaries. You want to play it safe and not commit too much longer but you learn early how much of a mistake this really is.

I arrive as the secretary of your dreams and a rush of butterflies sweeps from your stomach to blush your head. Immediately, you’re taken back by my beauty, intoxicated by the smell of sweet perfume that follows me, a scent that sends something primal in you whirling. You can tell by the way I carry myself that I’m accustomed to being gorgeous and that, if anything, I enjoy playing with my charm to capture and steer your attention. I am a woman that does whatever I may please a man and I only have the most salacious thoughts in mind. That release you’ve been holding in gracefully up until now seems to fail you at this very moment. You want to touch me but you’re afraid if you do you might lose control.

I don’t seem to be affected by the same sudden indisposition. Instead, I appear to be feeding off the heat I generate and radiate with such untoward ease.

‘Your secretary has arrived to attend to your personal needs.’

I hold your hand between my gentle fingers and guide you towards the bedroom. You disrupt my flow by pulling me to you, getting ahead of yourself, but I set you straight with a mere look.

‘You may be my boss, but you touch me when I say you can,’ I command, placing your index finger in my mouth. You allow yourself to be led.

You feel like a lion being pulled on a leash by his tamer. A caged animal who has never been allowed to roam free until now.

I make a soft humming noise as I bite my lip and push you onto the bed, sizing you up and down as my next meal. I lift one knee onto the bed and lean so close only to the tips of my breasts to touch you. I start from the top, my hands running across your scalp and drawing down your neck and chest. The waterfall of touch continues until my hands stop at your throbbing hard cock. I squeeze what you have to offer me.

‘You’ll do…’ I mutter and I land a long, passionate kiss before you can reply or remember what I’ve just said. When I release you, I do it all at once, creating distance between us.

‘Watch,’ I order. My eyes are set on you and I don’t miss a beat as I begin to unravel myself from my dress. My hips sway and swing side to side to the melody of your racing heart. I drop the number to reveal a toned, tanned body in sexy black lace lingerie. I spin so you may admire me from all angles. I leave my heels on.

‘Your turn,’ I say as I tread to you. You use this opportunity to make a joke or witty comment as you undress, and I smile, although it’s clear I’m more interested in feeling flesh upon flesh. When you’re to my satisfaction, I’m straddling your hips and my hands explore what I’m not shy to touch.

‘Your body is my catwalk,’ I explain before I land another one of my breath-taking kisses and again you forget what I just said.

‘Let’s see what else that tongue can do…’ I smile something fierce and you feel like you might explode then and there. You contain yourself as I make myself comfortable in the front row seat that is your face. You’re not sure when exactly I managed to slip out of my g-string without you noticing but I’m ready and wet for you.

While I’m riding your face, I take off my bra to reveal my long, hard nipples. I touch my breasts, aroused now by your hard work. I don’t seem to be trying but from your point of view, I’m putting on a show.

When I’m ready, I slide downward, every inch of my body rubbing against yours. I lead your hands to touch my body, you feel how tight my muscles hug my bones. My ass is twin peaks and at its centre a gushing valley. We embrace and kiss and in this lock, our bodies are almost one, not sure when one starts and the other end.

‘Allow me to return the favour,’ I slide off the bed and pull your torso upright with me. I land on my knees poised like a sexy kitten, battering my eyes at you. My hands sneak a touch between your legs and I grab you just where you like it. My face hovers so close to your cock that you can feel the heat radiating off it. My tongue slips onto the head and I suck in, inch by inch. Up and down I seem to know the exact tempo you prefer. But I don’t stop there. Every inch of your cock is mine to play with and I enjoy slathering my tongue on your shaft, as deep is it can go down my throat and finally to your balls. No place is left untouched.

I can tell when you’re near and I slow down. I take your cock between my breasts where it fits perfectly, like a key in a lock. It’s an interesting sensation, one you’re not too accustomed to, and it is something that you can’t help but enjoy.

I’m standing again, this time moving my knees to either side of your hips. Like magic, I’ve put the condom on you without you noticing, allowing me to slide onto you.

‘The things I could do to you,’ I taunt into your ear. ‘Hold me,’ I ask, having you grab my hips for stability. I have my way with you until I’m out of breath. Blood is flowing to every part of your body; you can feel your heartbeat to the edge of your fingers. At this moment, you feel like a true man, and when I spin so that you’re on top, you know that I’m willing and open to you. My seductive brown eye batter at you and you allow yourself to surrender to your natural and primal urges.

And just when you think you’re reaching your edge, I stop you.

‘Not so soon. I’m not done with you yet.’

As for the rest… well, that’s only for those who book the naughty girl experience for themselves and are brave enough to turn fantasy into reality.

Mariana Zabala xxx

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