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Erotic writing with Lexx Soule #1

Posted by Lexx Soule

Date posted:

The breeze was cool, the wind light, the morning sun peaking over the horizon. The tip of the flaming ball giving life to the day that is, you would not be able to ask for a more clear, beautiful, morning if you wanted too. Olivia dressed in nothing but her bathrobe, enjoying a hot chocolate by herself on the 26th story balcony, watching the day begin while waking in her hotel bed lay Lexx Soule, the 26 year old escort she hired for the weekend. In 4 hours she will say goodbye to Lexx until they meet again, probably in a month.

Her body already at comfortable temperature, but the added warmth of Lexx's bare body around her is eagerly welcomed. "Good morning" Lexx greets as he kisses the back of her shoulder, "good morning handsome" the 38-year-old returns, half turning her body to the man she pays. "My pussy is still tingling from last night" she seductively informs Lexx, closing the gap between the pair at the same time, her intentions clear, and Lexx's morning wood still yet to dissipate. "It's also clear you still have more to give" Olivia continues as she grips the 26-year-olds 6 inch cock, no words necessary for Lexx to agree.

The pair lock eyes for a second before Lexx grabs Olivia, spins them both 180 degrees, pins her to the glass door and starts passionately manhandling her. Untying the robe Lexx forces a body-to-body connection that sends energy down both bodies, the kisses are as perfect as they were the night before, the sexual energy also giving life to the day. Grabbing both breasts Lexx stuffs his face in-between and starts motor boating them loudly and passionately, suffocating himself is the last of his worries, she giggles, she laughs, she exhales, she is aroused. Before Lexx can give the next instruction, Olivia tries to direct them into the room, Lexx is quick though, grabbing her wrist and bringing her to an instant stop. "Bend over the railing" he commands sexually, Oliva sees the same opportunity he sees, she obeys his command like a good girl, resting her forearms on the railing she extends her hips back for Lexx to penetrate her deep. He rubs his cock up and down the sensitive area a couple times, he teases her, then slowly he glides his 6x6 inch cock all the way into her, the pair simultaneously exhale together. The first few pumps are slowly to make sure that her entire inside & his cock are lubricated, once comfortable he picks up the pace to a good morning fuck! Not hard, not soft, a good consistent thrust into Olivia's pink hole. "AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH" She moans as the birds' chirp and Lexx breathes, the pair both enjoy the sunrise with their perfect start to the morning.

To be continued

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