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I'm as deep as the ocean

Posted by Lisa

Date posted:

Authenticity = Alignment


This should if you read it explain why I've cut alot of sessions out and only focusing on and offering my healing spiritual sessions along with Tantra now.

“be a good perfect girl & the universe will reward you” no yuck gross

What I learnt from this experience was that alignment & abundance doesn’t reward or align those who are constantly happy & blissful.

That’s actually not even sustainable by virtue of being a human > to be constantly “on”.

I learnt that alignment is being authentic.

If I am authentically feeling sh*t but trying to force myself to be happy because that’s what I feel will keep me aligned & abundant.

There is a major disassociation, inauthenticity & mis alignment right there.

The way to be aligned is to be exactly where we are, as it’s all perfectly orchestrated for us in order to gain the lessons from those dark places we sometimes find ourselves in.

This is the feminine realm.

And it’s actually what gives us depth & substance⁣.

So we can serve from a place of actual experience not fake text book smiley positive affirmations.

During this time I was feeling it all to it’s depths & simultaneously transmuting & alchemising it into art & into service.

There was no bypassing.

And I believe it’s because of this being so aligned with what was true for me, no sugar coating.

That kept me aligned, in service & in creative flow ⁣for my life.

I’m not one to bypass emotions, I simply cannot ~ I am deep as the ocean ⁣

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