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Let's talk n!pples

Posted by Lisa

Date posted:

As a person who has glorious n!pples and Tantrika I thought this might be a lil hint and helpful tips at that to add here.


Enjoy reading ????

When pleasing the Feminines breast.

Imagine her nipples as being the clitoris. At the same time sending love energy to her yoni (Sanskrit for vulva)

This will increase her sexual pleasure opening her up to full body orgasm. It's also a great way to move sexual energy thru out the body when warming up the Feminine. Yes that's right never go straight down there. Start at our breasts 

You see, sex was always meant to be more then physical. This is why sex gets such a bad wrap later on in life. Because as humans we will need more and more just to feel satisfied from sex.

Because If you are not expanding your consciousness with sex . Eventually you will feel stuck and it will feel like the same old sexual routine. 

It never feels the same when spiritual energy is involved. You will always be satisfied. Not only physically. But your whole entire soul will feel satisfied. At the end of the day. This is what we are all looking for. Yes? 


So here's a little spiritual sex 101.

You must tap into your Imagination and your divine intention with the physical movement. If you want to experience the full sexual healing and all its benefits with your partner. It is super important to know so our relationships can keep expanding. 

Happy exploring and if you need helping learning book a tantric session. 

Which is why I offer a foreplay session... 

Much love

Lisa ????????

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