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Making love

Posted by Lisa

Date posted:

Alot of people don't quite understand how my sessions are being a tantric and healer so I thought I'd give you my thoughts on what I view s3x as. Firstly to me it's sacred.

Great s3x isn't about bigger, harder and faster thrusting or appendages.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Great s3x is about authenticity, raw emotions and mind bending vulnerability that leaves you feeling so naked that you never want to wear clothes again with floaty feelings and jelly legs and a mind that just can't think except daydream on nothing.

The perfect lover enquires, waits and does not push. They don't prioritise their pleasure over the other's comfort.

They don't rush, but rather breathing, feeling and holding, waiting for the perfect moment to act, whilst dancing between the tips of fingers as they explore the others skin.

Waiting for her to be truly open and blossoming, like a lotus opening for the first time to the world at the beginning of each day. 

Making love is an art, the most delicate art. Making love is a dance, a song and a rhythm. It's a flow of energy taking us through every moment that's ever existed and into every dimension that ever was. It's when time and space ceast to exist and all that ever was is oneness. It's circulating Kundalini (sexual energy) throughout the body that it enlivens you.


This, this is what kama sutra sessions is seen by me. Making love from the heart being conscious and slowing down.


Much lovel, Lisa xx



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