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My Recent Massage Experience!

Posted by Lily Levine

Date posted:

Recently I’ve been going to a new Chinese massage place to receive a weekly, all over body massage. Three weeks ago, I had a new man provide the massage and he was deft with his hands and quite good. I wore brief panties as I’ve been looking to find one who will get a bit “naughty” with me. Unfortunately, I had no luck the first time with him but I didn’t exactly think he’d get frisky the first time. So, the second time I kind of pretended to fall asleep to show him that I was definitely more relaxed. Same as the first time of the 90 minutes about 45 minutes was spent on my back. I always make sure I have my breasts out lying on my stomach so I think there is a bit of nipple or close to it on display- not certain. 

 He certainly swept his hands a bit closer to my inner thighs when he rolled me over and I was on my back. He swept over my pubis four or five times but I could tell he was a bit nervous. He was probably thinking about all the “what if’s”. So that’s why even though he flirted with danger when I paid at the counter at the end, I told him “it was great”. His boss was at the counter so I wanted him to feel at ease that if I wasn’t “asleep”, I wasn’t going to tell. 

 Now here’s where it gets interesting. I rang last weekend and made my appointment. Lily for 1pm. “Ahh, Lily, no problems - see you then” he said (I wasn’t sure who I was talking too). When I got there the guy, I’ve seen for the past two times was on reception and told me to wait 10 minutes. I busied myself on SM until ready and his boss showed me into a cubicle. Again, I’d booked a 90-minute massage. This guy was really good. He was also older, pretty certain he owns the business. Whilst on my stomach nothing too flirty happened. He did run up my inner legs high, a few times but not too close to my pussy lips. I was turned on though - just excited at the possibility of it. But when he asked me to “roll over” and he arranged the paper around my crotch less g string he closely touched my pubis area. Then, I knew he was going to be better than the first guy because he arranged the towel so my whole hips were exposed instead of “delicately” covering me up. I had placed my mask over my eyes and the cubicle was nice and dim. Not dark, just a nice sexy ambience. I was just getting off at the thought that he could see my pussy a bit. He used plenty of oil and had great hands but he slowly rubbed my first leg in a way, on the inside so that bit by bit that leg was spreading. I was very relaxed and let my chest go up and down rhythmically like I was truly asleep. Sometimes he worked my upper thigh and then he’d go to my lower leg and foot. Once he finished that leg he began work on my other side. Again, he worked the inside of the thigh pushing it bit by bit so it just naturally pushed out so my leg widened. Because the other leg had been worked wide, I now had my legs really wide, rolled outwards and my labia would have been opened so he would have been able to see my clit and the hood. 

I was so excited and horny just the idea of it I was actually holding back an orgasm. I could have cum but I didn’t want to I was savouring the feeling - it was so erotic. For about a further 15 minutes he worked my thighs occasionally working I’m really really close to my labia and I knew he could feel my juices as I was wet as wet it was just dripping so he would definitely know I was horny. 

 He wiped me down and then got his hot towel and wiped me down again and lifted my panties up and patted the top of my pussy with the towel and then draped it over my hips again and then came up to my neck. I’d told him I wanted the front of my shoulders and arms done and I said “my chest, just where you feel comfortable”. He started working my neck and clavicular area and then gently massaged just the top of my breasts not really on them, just above them. So not sexually but I wanted him too..... he worked his fingers around that area for about ten good minutes - it was great but not bold enough - I was dying for him to cup my breasts but he didn’t. Damn! 

Sooo that was the end of Sunday. I was closer to my goal of cumming by a stranger - a masseuse, in a professional capacity but not there yet! So, when I paid, I tipped him $50 and told him he was “great - I feel so much better”. Now I really get why guys keep returning to ladies they really like - because I made a pact to go back in a week and I lasted 3 days! I went back there today despite then being on the opposite side of town to me. I couldn’t get it off my mind I just really wanted to cum during massage. 

So today I rang ahead - made my appointment Lily - 3pm and for 3 hours I tormented myself thinking about it! When I got there, it seemed quite busy there were two females working and the boss and the guy from previously and there may have even been another. Anyway, the boss had decided clearly to massage me again which suited me because I thought he might stroke my clit today if I was lucky. 

 Again 90 minutes and this always means 40-45 minutes work on my back. By the time he asked me to roll over I was incredibly relaxed I mean he could have done anything to me . Again, he put the towel up nice and high exposing my pubis and he turned the light down and had placed my mask over my eyes. Every now and again I did a really really gentle snore to make him feel safe that I was truly comfortable. 

He followed the same as what he did Sunday - gently but firmly working on my right leg and sure enough by the end my leg was bent at the knee, rolled outwards and nice and wide. He had gone closer to the inside of my groin this time. Almost imperceptibly but I could sense it. It felt amazing. Then he began on the left side. I let my chest raise and lower at a steady pace so he probably thought I was asleep. My heart was quite elevated - it was hard to show no signs of excitement. All I wanted to do really was say “oh for god’s sake rub it”!!! But I’m too shy to come right out with that. It had to happen if it was going too - on its own. He then stopped for a brief moment and he was near my head and he removed the curtain partially and spoke to someone. Obviously, I didn’t understand the language but it went on for about 60 seconds. In the meantime, a lady had shown a lady into the next cubicle and it was her birthday so they were rabbiting on about that. I zoned out again and his hands were going up and down my left leg. Then, out of nowhere I felt a pair of hands on my temples. Rubbing in a circular motion. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on - and I realised that there were two of them in my cubicle. Fuck.

I kind of freaked out for a moment on the inside but tried not to show it via my body. After a couple of minutes, I got my head around it and just went with it. The guy at my head was probably the new guy I’m guessing - I actually don’t know, but he worked through the scalp of my head and massaged his fingers through my hair. Honestly, I’d have to say the idea there were two Asian men massaging me in a shop with people right next door was such a freaking turn on I was SO turned on. The guy at my head started moving to my upper chest area, in a very “Massage” type way, but I was excited at the possibilities. Things were looking promising. They weren’t talking but the masseuse and lady next door were a bit. The man doing my legs got in really close along the line of the side of my vagina and I actually heard my juices make a noisy sound. Oh God they’d know I was getting off on it - but I keep breathing heavily with the occasional gentle little snore.  The guy at my head was leaning in and over to get more at my breasts and I could feel his hardness at the top of my head. I knew it was his cock. His hands started to cup my breasts and massage the oil in really good. Round and round in circular motions edging closer and closer to my nipples. The boss moved position to the end of the table and leant in going up my lower legs just to the top of my thighs. I was lifting my hips up so my pussy was sitting high and I knew it was gaping open. Round to the side he moved and patted the top of my hip bones moving slowly down, and all the while the other guy had finally cupped my tits and was massaging them firmly, now flicking over my nipples. He started gently pulling them and they were rock hard. My clit hood was back not over my clit anymore as it was too swollen full of blood. I could tell it was bursting and trust me when I say my clit is BIG! Then the boss put two hands in and massaged my labia both sides totally flirting with my clit. The hands on my tits were moving fast with harder nipple pulls, so I knew they were engorged too. The boss didn’t need to actually touch my clit I couldn’t help it I just got caught up in a massive wave of joy and pleasure and I had one of the most intense climaxes I’ve actually ever had - I won’t forget it in a long time it was bloody incredibly good. They clearly knew because within 2 minutes the guy at my head disappeared and then the boss went and got hot towels and wiped me down.  They disappeared and the boss was waiting at the counter for my payment. Honestly, one of the best $120 dollars I’ve spent it was fantastic and I loved every second of it. I’m definitely going back there this weekend. 


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