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Spiritual sex

Posted by Lisa

Date posted:

Sitting outside naked with the sun beaming on my skin and the breeze planting kisses as it dances past makes me look back over my years of all the intimacy moments I've enjoyed and been part of. 

This year sees me entering into my 10th year in the sw industry. I started out as what I see now as vanilla sex holder kink and all the deliciousness that arouse. Then after finishing off a tantric trained course and being introduced into the world of higher depths of intimacy it blew my mind and soul.

Now I've gotten even a glimpse of what spiritual s#x is really like I'm just not interested in the old stuff.

And I really enjoyed the old stuff, don't get me wrong!

I was having kinky, dirty, wild s#x in crazy places.

It was thrilling and I had lots of org@sms!

But something about it wasn't enough. I was never fully satisfied.

I needed grander plots, more people, more toys.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with all of those things!!

But what I wasn't getting was that deep connection and satisfaction.

Learning spiritual s#x was a game changer.

And it takes time to learn. Lots of practice. And the ability to break out of your old patterns.

No one will change until they experience something that's better than what they've got.

So, it wasn't about banishing the old ways and only trying the new way.

It's about balance and alignment and pleasure seeking joy! Why I specialise in it now teaching guiding weaving it into my sessions now for clients.

If you're looking for something like this in your life then I suggest you book in a tantric session today.

Lots of love


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