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Tantra = Love

Posted by Lisa

Date posted:

I've had a few people asking if I can teach them Tantra so they can make money. One thing in life is delving into you and finding you. What you as a being want to disperse out into the world NOT about what you can gain back thru money. 


So thought I'd share some quotes to get those minds thinking

Tantra is not about that. I will never accept a client for that. Tantra is not about money or gain.

Tantra teaches Love Your Body ~ Osho

'You don't love your body. You hide it in a thousand and one ways. You hide your body's smell, you hide your body in clothes, you hide your body in ornamentation. You try to create some beauty that you continuously feel you are missing, and in that very effort you become artificial.

Do you ever come across a bird which is ugly? Do you ever come across a deer which is ugly? They simply accept themselves and they are beautiful in their acceptance. In that very acceptance they shower beauty upon themselves.

The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful. 

Why did so many people come to Buddha, and why did so many people come to Saraha, and why did so many people come to Jesus? These people were in love with themselves. 

They were so enchanted with their own being, how could you avoid that enchantment? Just being there was such a great bliss.

Tantra teaches the first thing: Be loving towards your body, befriend your body, revere your body, respect your body, take care of your body ... it is God's gift. Treat it well, and it will reveal great mysteries to you. All growth depends on how you are related to your body.'~ Osho

'Your body is your bridge. Your body is your temple. Tantra teaches reverence for the body, love, respect for the body, gratitude for the body. The body is marvelous. It is the greatest of mysteries.'~ Osho

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