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The seductive power of herd behaviour

Posted by Catalina Diez

Date posted:

I have always been different. I have never cared for trends, following other people. Following and imitating other people is only good when the action is beneficial for your life. There is no point in doing the same thing as other people if that thing is bad for you.

Think about it...if your best friend jumps off a cliff, are you going to follow suit?

Many Australians do not think. They simply follow others blindly, to their detriment. For example, leggings are all the rage for women. It seems to be an unspoken rule that leggings are appropriate attire for every occasion (classes, grocery shopping, First aid course, waiting in an airport for a flight). Leggings are sexy, because they show off the shape of a woman's lower half very well. But if there are 100 women in a room and if all wear leggings, is it sexy anymore? No. How do I know this? Last year I attended a dance class in Sydney. There were probably a 100 people in the room, probably 50 to 60 women. I was the only woman who chose to wear a skirt. Everyone else wore leggings. I have no regrets. Even though the other women burned with jealousy to look at me (ps: this is normal) - you see, they looked quite drab - I have no regrets. I expressed my individuality, and I looked like a dancer. Everybody else looked like they had tumbled out of bed, jumped into a car and drove to the dance studio in the same clothes. My logic? If we all wear leggings to a dance class, we don't take advantage of one of the joys of being a woman - to express our individuality through the way we dress. As women, we have so many choices. And because we have different body shapes, we should wear different outfits .

What is herd behaviour?

"A social behavior that is caused when individuals subjugate their individual will, thoughts, and behaviors to the majority; the group or herd." (

Observe also the definition of herd instinct (Investopedia):  a phenomenon where people join groups and follow the actions of others under the assumption that other individuals have already done their research. Herd instincts are common in all aspects of society, even within the financial sector, where investors follow what they perceive other investors are doing, rather than relying on their own analysis.

I think you know where this is heading...face masks - the face nappies that we wear. Now, as NSW residents, we must wear these indoors, in enclosed spaces. But why are people wearing a face mask outdoors, especially in a country town? Albury isn't as green as some towns, but most of us have large private spaces, courtyards and a LOT OF FRESH AIR (which helps to clean the lungs). Over the course of summer, I traveled around New South Wales, and I witnessed the strangest things..

  • people hiking in Katoomba in thirty-degree heat, with face masks on (basic biology - when we do strenuous exercise like hiking, we need more oxygen, not less)


  • people driving around in Sydney alone with their windows up and face masks on (are you threat to yourself?)


  • people who made their children wear a face mask for 5 to 7 hours in a sports stadium (Ken Rosewall Arena, where masking isn't mandatory. Ticketholders watched two singles matches and a doubles match). Did you know that face masks impede a child's developmentThis is child abuse


People - let's think logically here. After two years of the pandemic, and a 95 per cent vaccination rate, infections still occur. Do you really think that face masks work? Seriously. Even more importantly, taking care of yourself to avoid getting other diseases (the ones that actually kill us, like cancer, diabetes and heart disease) is way more important than worrying about Covid, which is a mild cold with a 99 per cent survival rate.

After all, it is not Covid that kills you - it is those underlying health conditions. Three out of four Covid deaths had pre-existing conditions - see here.

Why do people wear face masks outdoors, and force their own children to wear face masks in places where it is not mandatory? Herd behaviour. It is utterly pathetic. Following and imitating other people is only good when the action is beneficial for your life. There is no point in doing the same thing as other people if that thing is bad for you.

Getting Covid isn't healthy for you, but neither is too many shots (boosters create Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - a weakened immune system). Wearing a face mask all the time isn't healthy for you. You're constantly breathing recycled air, smelling the food that your stomach is digesting as the smell comes out through your throat, for women, having your skin infected by bits of makeup that have stuck to the face mask). Face masks are disgusting. That's why some call them face nappies - they're full of shit.

When outdoors, take off the face mask, and breathe the fresh air. I moved to Albury for the fresh air, and when I go to the Blue Mountains, I want to breathe that mountain air.

Let us consider the benefits of fresh air:

  • Your brain works better, because the brain cells get more oxygen
  • More oxygen means more serotonin release, and a happier mentality
  • The lungs work better, cleaning your body from the inside


Following and imitating other people is only good when the action is beneficial for your life. There is no point in doing the same thing as other people if that thing is bad for you.

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