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Thoughts from my Tantrika priestess mind

Posted by Lisa

Date posted:

I realised every relationship I have been in has never lacked passion ⁣

I am a tantrika, so by default whoever I am with will be initiated into my frequency ⁣

It is not because tantrikas are good lovers or better at s3x

It is because I know how to make love to myself ⁣

I am deeply intimate with my self, I am deeply present with myself on a lot of various levels

I am trained in the arts of love & lovemaking & know how to circulate my own sxual energy ⁣

I know how to turn myself on ⁣

I know what I like & how to ask for this ⁣

I have spent many years in soultitude, living in ashrams in the depths of India practicing solo & transpersonal tantra⁣

And many years exploring with the divine reflection

I've learnt how it feels to embody love and Eros within myself and others in safe spaces

Love & Lovemaking is an art⁣

And like any art we must practice our art ⁣

In some yoga / tantra traditions it is said it really doesn’t matter who you are with, you can actually fall in love with anyone & cultivate attraction & polarity with anyone ...⁣

But you have connected deeply to yourself ⁣first

This is what I live for⁣

This is the path of being a S.ex Priestess ⁣

I am here to help you remember that you're loved, activate that delicious oxytocin & fill your soul with nourishment 

Look forward to seeing you soon xx

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