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What makes me me

Posted by Lisa

Date posted:

Someone asked me what my session is about cause I'm Tantric. So here you go a thread...


This is your time to be worshipped. To be revered as the woman or man you are. To simply receive, with absolutely no expectations in return.


This is what the session is really about. An opportunity for you to feel, to receive to be worshipped and touched in a way that reflects your true worth. Regardless of what session you've booked in with me. 


I was taught to fall in love. To see that naked body's before them and to love them. To open their hearts, and to envelope them in loving energy. Hold them. See past their physical body, see their energy, their soul, show them love. Everything in existence is love or fear. If it's not love, then it's fear.  

Yes it's so much more than this such breathework and meditation and mindfulness and so much more.

As a Tantrika my job is to love you, as my client. To show you what touch is, what it can do, how it can hold and if you want it to, heal. I simply open the space for you to step in and receive. What you do in that space is 100% up to you.  


There really is noting quite like it.


Why I love my Tantric life. We live in love. Embracing the fear and loving it more. Breathing from heart space. Meditating and manifesting all the deliciousness this world has to offer. Seeing things as energy not from face value. Embracing positive and throwing love to negative. 


Hope this gives you an understanding of how I am how I am and what I breath now ????

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