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Why escorts require deposits

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Posted by Danielle

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As a client you may already be aware that often escorts in Australia do require deposits to lock in your booking, this may even be explained on their Dakota Dice profile. If you are new to booking escorts, this may be a new procedure for you, you may even be wary and nervous of paying one. Dakota Dice explains escort deposits, why they are necessary and how to pay.

Why escorts require deposits

Not all escorts require deposits, some require deposits for certain bookings and booking lengths. Others require substantial deposits or only require them for new clients and others may not have a deposit policy. The point is, every escort runs their business differently and in the way that best suits them and their needs. If the escort you would like to see does require a deposit, simply follow their individual instructions and do not argue with the policy. 

Many clients may feel hesitant at paying a deposit to someone they do not know. It is absolutely crucial to consider that:

  • Escorts will not ruin their reputation for a small deposit.
  • Escorts are far more vulnerable than any client; they invite you into their world, their mind and body. Their risk is much higher than losing a deposit.
  • No one can retire on a small deposit.

Below we explain just some of the reasons that escorts do require deposits for bookings.

To reduce time wasters

Unfortunately time wasters are abundant and thriving within the sex industry, however escorts can usually spot them a mile away. The fastest way for an escort to determine whether or not you are a genuine client, is to ask for a deposit. To 'put your money where your mouth is' per say. Genuine clients have no issue paying a deposit as it shows the escort that they are committed to seeing them on x date/time and most of all that they respect the escort as a business.

Deposits are sexy. Make the best first impression and pay that deposit! You'll be thanked in more ways than one...

To secure the date and time that suits all parties

Escorts like any other person do have lives and commitments outside of their work. This may include socialising, appointments or simply relaxing. Deposits are often required to lock in a day and time that the client would like. It enables the escort to plan their day and lives around the bookings they have. 

Escorts often have to prepare for bookings, this can include make up, hair, preparing their incall or travel, any equipment prep etc. Knowing the exact date and time means they can best manage their time and prepare accordingly.

Many service providers require deposits; hairdressers, beauty salons, dentists etc. Escort deposits are for the exact same reasons. To solidify an exact time and date that suits best for all parties, and drastically increase the client actually showing up for the booking. If the client no-shows they lose their deposit.

Normalising industry expectations, escorting is a business

Escorts and sex workers often feel the brunt of societal opinion. By normalising deposits and the requirement of them, it helps escorts establish sex work as the valid business it is.

Escorts are service providers and their time should be respected as it is in any other industry.

Deposit income often helps with expenses

Often touring escorts in particular use deposit income to fund their expenses. If you as a client have booked an escort that is touring to your city, remember that the deposit they require very well is paying for the significant outlay of travel and accommodation.

Touring is very expensive, it can be in the thousands of dollars just for one tour, depending on the length. After adding flights, accommodation, taxi or uber costs and living expenses it very quickly adds up.

Obtaining deposits from potential clients helps the escort establish whether or not a tour is viable financially and worth the financial commitment or initial outlay.

If you are genuine and would love to see the escort visit your city, pay their deposit.

Deposit policies, explained

First and foremost all deposit policies can differ- as they do in all industries. It is essential you check with the escort you are seeing, what their deposit policy is.

They may automatically explain their policy, or they may direct you to their Dakota Dice profile or personal website. 

Always ask questions like:

  • What is the escorts cancellation policy? (deposit forfeited/refunded or rescheduled)
  • If I do have to cancel does the time frame matter? (this may affect the above)
  • What happens if I need to alter the time?

Deposits are *usually*:

  • A portion of the full fee (the portion required is up to the escort)
  • Non-refundable if the client cancels (or cancels within a certain time)
  • Non-refundable but MAY be credited towards a future booking (depends on their policy)
  • Usually refunded or re-scheduled by escort decision (if the provider needs to reschedule)

It is incredibly important to ask your escort of their policy prior to paying it. Sometimes life can be unexpected and unfortunately a re-schedule or cancellation may be needed and thats okay. By asking your escort prior you will know exactly how to move forward and re-book at a time that best suits all of you.

If you do need to cancel for whatever reason, it is best practise to give your escort as much notice as you can as to not put them out. It also increases the chances of rescheduling the booking without losing your deposit.

How to pay a deposit

This information should be in their deposit policy or your escort will let you know the best way to pay.

It is important you pay the required deposit ASAP, the provider can not secure your booking time until the payment is made. In cases of immediate deposit requirement use a fast processing payment method.

Bank transfers can take multiple days to clear, using BEEMIT (if they accept) is instant, or use a cash deposit smart ATM as this is also instant.

Again, it is always best you ask what the preferred method is. If you would like, its also very appreciated to send a photo of the receipt of payment if you have one. Also ask how they would prefer the remainder of the payment on the day.

If you do not pay the deposit that is required of you, your booking will not exist.

Suspicious behaviour to be aware of

 As mentioned earlier, there can be a reluctance to paying a deposit to some one you don't know.

Suspicious behaviour can include:

  • If an escort asks you for the entire booking amount upfront this may be considered suspicious. Simply ask if you can pay a portion as a deposit and the rest on arrival.

Dakota Dice has extremely strict verification methods for all escorts that are on our platform. This is to ensure that as a platform, we are a trusted brand amongst clients. For information on our verification policy please read here.

In summary, follow your escorts directions always. Respect your provider and their business. A little effort goes a long way!

For more helpful client information, read our blog here.

We also have a clients FAQs page, and etiquette.


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