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Why Would Someone Hire An Escort?

Posted by Lexx Soule

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The chances are that if you are reading this, you have interest in or the thought of, hiring a man for a date, social gathering, travel companion, or sexual exploration.

But why would someone like you want to hire a man such as myself? In this blog I hope to inform you of just a few reasons why and what an escort can provide.

There are many reasons why you decide to hire an escort. Everyone has their own reasons, and no one should feel shame for using such services. After all it is one of the oldest professions around today.

For some, sex is a taboo subject that is uncomfortable to talk about, seeing a professional gives them a space to be comfortable expressing their sexual desires. Sex is normal, sex is prolife, sex is fun, maybe you already know that, and just need someone you can trust to confer you that expression of sexual freedom.

Maybe the dating scene is just not for you any more. To many bad tinder dates, to many bad experiences with guys you've recently met, maybe your girlfriends really aren't helping when they try to be the next MAFS match making expert. Whether it's the social & companionship side of dating that you want, or the good sex with cuddles & aftercare that you want. 

Seeing an escort gives you the ability to have all of this without the formal commitments of a relationship. Should a man come into your life and sweep you from your knees you don't even have to say goodbye.


Your marriage has ended, or you have become widowed. Both experiences can be quite traumatic and make you no longer interested in "dating" another man. For the divorced, the idea of falling for someone else again is not something you want to currently endure. For the widowed, the idea for finding someone else may be seen as cheating. 

You might not even want anything sexual, maybe you just want someone to go to dinner with, go for a morning walk with, go hiking, travelling & adventuring with. Selected escorts can accommodate that too. I will speak about that term "selected escorts" in another blog

Maybe you're just an experimental, kinky couple who want to bring a trusted third party into the mix. Because it can be an anxious experience at first, you want a professional who is clean, respectful & makes you both feel comfortable with the experience. 

I touched on it briefly moment ago, some escorts offer companionship services. This may be a companion for hiking & bush walking, this might be a travel companion to a new city or in some cases a new country, or even just something as simple as a person you meet for breakfast & dinner. With human nature needing human to human connection, it is

 normal to want somebody who can give you high quality connection, through conversation, through their well-groomed presentation, and through the experiences they share.


There is an assortment of reasons why someone may see an escort, each individual, each normal, and each should be respected. Take your time, read through the biographies, look at the pictures, scroll through their social media. Do your own little research project and find the one for you and your needs.


Hopefully this blog has given you some insight into the world of escorting, and given you a clearer picture of what brought you to this page.


Thank you for reading,


L. Soule.

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