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Womb cave

Posted by Lisa

Date posted:

If you follow me on my social media you would have seen me talk about womb cave opening, some are confused but the clients I've seen know and understand what I mean. 


So I thought I'd share a piece about this to give you a deeper understanding of me and my existence I live in and embrace.


I'm currently entering my womb cave feeling super sensitive and deep feminine raw emotional.

Every moon time I take at least 2 days completely offline, off grid, & potentially off planet. I set up pre automatic posts but I'm not physically there especially not mentally or emotionally.

I go completely off social media, off electronic devices, I do not leave my home (if I can), I do not reply to any texts, DMS or emails⁣.

When in my womb cave I reschedule or move any sessions booked in during that time.

Day one is my most precious day so definitely no one is interfering with that day.

I do not make any excuses I literally explain this is my first day of my moon we have to reschedule - people know this is my boundary.

I’ve stood by this for as long as I can remember but there was a time I didn't and my body was affected so badly.

WHY is this so important?⁣

The obvious reasons, that this is our as a woman most yin time of the month & time to BE & rest.

And for me, it’s an essential part of the creatrix path I walk.

It’s the time I go deep within, I take inventory of my self, my patterns & all that is not in alignment for that previous month & due to it - literally bleed it out of me.

And because my oracle is so heightened this is when I am opening my channel to receive, including information from other dimensions, my higher self & source itself to guide my next month of creativity.

So my creations & offerings are of quality vs quantity.

From source & birthed through my womb⁣ Vs from the mental limited sphere of existence .

Because I try to always work in feminine flow.


Thankyou for reading & respecting me and my body boundaries ????????

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