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welcome to Dakota Dice

We're a high-end Independent Escort directory, specifically targeted to the Australian Market.

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Advertiser FAQs


Here are a list of our advertiser FAQs. If you have any other question that hasn't been answered below please do not hesitate to contact us!


How do I deactivate my profile temporarily?

Login to your dashboard and click 'my details', untick the 'active profile' button. This will remove your profile from Dakota Dice immediately, you will not appear on the site at all. If anyone searches your URL directly a 404 error will show. To have your profile live again, simply login, tick the check box and click save.

How do I permanently delete my profile?

Login to your dashboard and click 'my details', the red delete profile button and then save; it will be actioned immediately. Please keep in mind that this will permanently delete your record on our system and forfeit any paid advertising you have remaining. If you would like to advertise with us again you will need to create a whole new profile from scratch.

Who is the owner/founder of Dakota Dice?

Please read our blog here from our owner/founder.

How do I create my profile?

Simply click here to create your profile and become an advertiser. You can manage your entire profile yourself, simply complete the minimum requirements and an "approve my profile' button will appear.

How long until my profile is approved?

Dakota Dice will approve your profile within 24 hours. If there are any issues with your profile, we will be in touch via email. Once approved you will receive a confirmation email.

I can't send my profile for approval?

If you do not see a 'send my profile for approval' button, you haven't submitted the minimum requirements. These are at the top of your build-your-profile area in black with green ticks for fulfilled requirements. If you continue having issues, please contact us.

Why do I have to upload a verification image?

Dakota Dice allows independent escorts only to advertise on our platform. We place a very high importance on ensuring the person creating the profile is the person in the profile images. We do this to prevent fake profiles and plaigarism. If you suspect your profile of being copied, or images stolen please notify us immediately. 

How do I add and edit touring information?

Simply login to your profile. Click the 'my tours' thumbnail on your dashboard, add your tour and when you would like it to show on your profile tick 'show on website' box followed by save.

How do I use the doubles linking feature?

Click the 'my doubles' thumbnail on your dashboard. Click 'new doubles request' and search for your doubles partner, they must be an approved advertiser. You may send a private message with the request if you'd like. Add in your location and tour dates and information; a bit about your offer and don't forget your rates.

Once you send the request off, an alert will appear on the receiver's dashboard. Once accepted it will appear instantly; both advertisers can edit or remove. You may have up to 3 doubles links at any one time. Change these as often as you'd like!

*Doubles links will not appear on profiles when they have been searched for in QLD; even if the doubles are advertised for a different State*

Can I have a more extensive doubles profile?

We understand some of our advertisers have doubles specific images of both advertisers. Our platform features are continually being advanced.

In the mean time if you would like to showcase your doubles photos, please feel free to create a new complete user profile. Please use a new user login email to create your doubles profile (one that is not in our system). Each escort advertiser is allowed to be a part of one doubles profile free of charge.

How do I use the twitter share feature?

This module gives Dakota Dice access to post to your twitter on your behalf. Simply follow the login instructions in the module and select from the list of events you would like us to post. Every auto-post will include the event, details, your URL and a random image from your profile.


I am touring Sydney 23-26 December. Visit my profile to book


Can i pause my profile and not forfeit advertising costs?

We are proud to offer out FREE profile pausing module. You may pause your profile for up to 3 weeks (within a 6 month period). Everyone deserves a break!

This module will be implemented when our 50% SEO discount ends, read more here.

Do I need an SWA number to advertise?

You will require a SWA number to advertise in VIC on Dakota Dice. Click here for information on how to apply. We are not liable for an invalid number, this is your responsibility. 

How do I use the available now function?

On the drop down menu once logged in, you may tick the available now button if you are available within short notice. This will appear on your profile thumbnail so users can easily be notified. This feature will automatically turn off after 3 hours. 

How do I use the Dakota Dice messaging system?

To use the mesasging system you must be logged into your client profile. Be aware that when you make contact via message, your email will show to the receiver.

Advertisers may turn off their messaging system in their profile settings. You may individually block users and manage your block list.

Can I manage my reviews?

Yes! You may turn off the review function all together in your profile details. However, if its turned on; every review you receive will be managed by you in your dashboard. You may hide, show or delete any review you're sent. The control is all yours!

Why can't I change my escort name via my dashboard?

Escort names are frozen, you can not change yourself. This is because we need to make sure unique URLs are available.

If you would like to change your name please just email us.



Why do I have to take a verification photo?

We take verification very seriously, you must accurately represent yourself, you must be who you say you are and you must not work for an agency. We allow independent escorts only. Please read here for information about our verification process.

Your verification image and other information you provide helps us identify the above. This enables us to prevent fake profiles..

Why cant I see my images when I preview my profile?

If you can't see any images, please ensure you have clicked the small save button under the image, they will then be listed underneath. Make sure you have sent them all for approval by clicking the ORANGE 'send for approval' button. You can previe the look of your profile in all states.

How many images can I have?

Dakota Dice offers unlimited image uploads! Our images run on banner slides that will automatically move.

How do I choose a thumbnail/feature image?

Choose a thumbnail by clciking the purple 'feature image' button under any portrait image. We will be advancing our image are in the future so advertisers may choose and crop any image as their thumbnail.

Can I choose my image order?

We will be implementing image order change in the near future. For now, all images run on two banners, moving automatically.

How do I remove or update my images?

Just login to your profile here to delete and upload new images. Do not forget to send EVERY image off for approval.

Do I have to have professional images?

Dakota Dice requires your images to be of high quality, although they do not have to be done by a professional photographer. Please make sure they match the aesthetics and quality of Dakota Dice. We do not allow selfies as your main profile images.

Dakota Dice profiles have a selfie gallery for advertisers to use. Please upload all selfies here.

Please read our blog here; 6 industry leading photographers share their specials and tips on how to take your own photos without breaking the bank.

How do I use the blur tool?

If you add a blur to your Public Image, it will automatically be applied to your QLD/VIC profile images. Otherwise you can add a blur to only your VIC/QLD profile image.

The blur tool tutorial is in your images tab in the build my profile area. We have also included a compression tool tutorial if your image size is too large.

How do I use the selfie gallery?

Use your selfie gallery from your computer or phone with ease, we allow 6 selfie images. You can rotate if needed on Dakota Dice. Please make sure your selfies abide by all State Law dependent on where you intend to base or tour. Click here for more information


Packages and payment

What packages do you offer?

Dakota Dice offers 5 different monthly packages. Information regarding package is on our sign up page and in our package blog here.

How do I pay for my package?

Dakota Dice offer multiple methods of payment, these include;

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer or cash depsoit to Commbank ATM
  • Direct debit
  • Apple pay (when opened with iphone)

How long do I have to pay my invoice?

You have 5 days to pay your invoice. If you do not your profile will be taken offline until we receive payment.

Am I locked into a package?

Dakota Dice offers flexible advertising, you are not locked into any package. You can also change your package when you are logged in at any time. You will be billed monthly.

How often do I pay for my profile?

We will send out monthly invoices to your nominated email.

How do I get my profile on the home page?

We have 70 home page positions, this can be added in the 'memerships' module on your dashboard. If we have exhausted these positions, your profile will be added to a wait list. When a position is available and you are next on the list an invoice will be generated automatically and sent to your nominated email address.

If you do not want your home page position anymore either:



Does Dakota Dice store personal details?

We do not store personal details, there is no where on our platform where any personal details are required. We have discreet payment options available to protect your privacy.

Can I advertise if I work for an agency?

Sorry, Dakota Dice accepts Independent escorts only. If we are alerted that someone is working for agency we will investigate, which could lead to the removal of the profile.

How do I get on a scroll banner?

The scroll banners at the top of the page currently randomly generate profiles on every refresh (these profiles are duplicated in the secondary listings below the banner). 

Where will I show in search results?

Currently during our 3 month free period, all of our escort profile positions are randomly generated. 

Our extremely advanced programming allows for us to allocate the levels of the page for different packages- however profile positions in the allocated area will always be random.

For example; in certain packages your profile will appear in the upper half of the search results, but never the exact position as our platform will randomly generate on every refresh.